When you think about being flawless, what comes to mind? Definitely not a skin blemish. For us, its Beyonce’s 2014 hit single (Flawless) with the reference “I woke up like this”

Skin Blemish is anything that ulters the appearance of the natural look of your skin. It could be an injury, irritation, acne (scar), bumps, etc.
To get rid of a blemish, you have to first identify it’s cause, and then tackle with a solution. Doing this, will provide knowledge on how best to treat it.

We have 5 key tips on how to remain flawless and keep the blemish away;

1. Cleanse Your Skin Regularly

Skin Blemish

Your skin needs to be clean and so does the blemish (if you have any). Wash that area gently with a mild soap and wipe with a clean piece of cloth used only for that area. Washing it gets rid of germs, oil and/ or dirt build up which could infect the blemish; causing a worse situation.
Oily skin usually requires deeper cleansing because the pores can get easily clogged due to oil buildup. Some blemishes such as acne would require using a cleanser apart from soap. One that cleanses deeper than soap. It could be an OTC or organic cleanser. A very good example of an organic cleanser is Diluted Apple Cider Vinegar which is a great option for cleansing most blemishes.

2. Exfoliate

Skin Blemish

This is the removal of dead skin cells from the skin’s surface. It can be done by DIYs, OTCs, microdermabrasion or chemical peels. Exfoliation is a necessity except in the case of an open wounds. Even a dry skin requires exfoliation but quite gently.
Exfoliation opens the pores to absorb treatment, smooth harsh fixes and blur skin inflammation scars or dim spots. It can likewise, light up your general appearance.

3. Body Care

Skin Blemish

Take good care of your body. A blemish could be as a result of body deficiency, a change in routine, an allergy or sickness.
In treating a blemish, the body needs to be listened to and understood. What are you eating? is it the clothes you wear? have you changed anything ? Are you ill?

Exercise regularly. Take supplements prescribed for that condition. Introduce fruits and vegetables into your diet. Eat for your skin and your entire health. Tone down on greasy and junk food. Sleep for at least 7 hours daily. Watch your stress level. Drink water and cut off alcohol or sugary drinks. Avoid clothings that irritate your skin. Be aware of and stay clear of allergens.
Use skin products prescribed for the blemish. This will also require you knowing your skin type.

4. Hands Off!

Skin blemish

Yes, we said it the last time, we’re saying it again. Keep your hands off! Due to insecurity or being overly conscious, you could be tempted to touch your face or skin with blemish. Please do not touch it. You could unknowingly be spreading diseases by further irritating that area. Do not touch it. Do not pick it. Wash your hands clean before applying any skin product on that area.

5. See a doctor

Skin blemish

This is a no brainer. A dermatologist will help you identify the type of blemish, it’s possible causes, recommend the products to use and treatment type.

Ensure to keep a regular appointment with your doctor thought out the treatment process. Do not self-medicate, you may be treating the blemish wrongly or escalating it.
Stick to the regimen as prescribed and be dedicated to it. Most routines are usually 3-4 times weekly depending on the condition being treated.

In the journey to flawless skin, remember that success does not happen overnight. You’d need to be patient to see results. Some blemishes can take as long as six weeks to clear while others may take shorter or longer. Either ways, do not be in a hurry use a product or method because it is a trend, consult your doctor.

An extra routine to include is self-confidence.

Skin Blemish

No matter what blemish may be on your skin, never allow it bring your self esteem down. Even if you are mocked or feel traumatized. You are worth way more than your blemish. Confidence should be your most consistent routine. Love yourself, love your skin, trust the process and be patient.


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