Food as much as it nourishes can cause irritation and allergies. According to research, just a handful of food causes all but 90% of allergic reactions. The substance that causes allergic reaction or irritation in food or drink is also called an “allergen”, which is nothing but a harmful substance that triggers a response that starts in your immune system.

Food Allergy Is a Common Issue Globally.

A reliable source showed that 1-2% of the whole population in India have some form of food allergy, and over 500,000 hospitalizations each year are caused by any form of allergic reaction from food. The symptoms vary from irritation, itchy mouth to deadly anaphylaxis. Other signs are seen like rashes, breathing problems, intestinal issues, circulation issues and so forth. Even here in Nigeria, there have been reported cases of Peanut allergies, lactose intolerance and other food allergies in local hospitals.

Dietary Allergies

In most African countries especially Nigeria, allergies are not regarded as serious health conditions as it is believed to be white people or rich people problems. However, these 10 foods below are been reported to cause produce allergens that affect the health of individuals.


Dietary Allergies

Allergy to cow milk is common to many people in the world. It is very common among young children and infants. It affects all but 2.5% of children under the age of 3 and some adults which is referred to as lactose intolerant.


Dietary Allergies

Wheat allergy is not actually a celiac disease. If you are allergic to wheat, then you may have a weak immune system and the response to proteins in wheat and wheat alone.


Dietary Allergies

Allergy from eggs mostly sound in kids who are under 16-year of age. Generally, kids outgrow allergic symptoms after they cross the age. Moreover, even after being allergic to the eggs or food made of eggs or egg-based cakes as well as muffins can be tolerated after a certain age.


Dietary Allergies

Soy allergies are also common in many, including the infants. It seems like an easy allergen. If you take baked food, meat-based food, chocolate or cereals, then you may suffer from allergies.


Dietary Allergies

Not all, but a few fruits can cause your allergy. People with fruit allergies commonly have hay fever, so you should avoid those fruits that create issues in your body.


Dietary Allergies

Many people in the United States suffering from vegetable allergies. Yes, allergies that come from vegetables of a certain type can also cause hay fever because weed pollens and some trees share the characteristics with certain vegetable proteins.

Tree Nuts

Dietary Allergies

Tree nut can create allergies and a form of food allergy and comes in the category but that does not necessarily mean you are allergic to all of them.


Dietary Allergies

Food Allergy Research & Education in the USA studied a large number of children and found children who eat peanut suffer from allergy between 1997 and 2008, due to the reasons few schools have banned peanut products.

Sesame Seeds

Dietary Allergies

Sesame seeds can cause allergen. Many people in the Kolkata report that they face an allergic issue when they take sesame seeds. It is high in protein; therefore, it creates allergies when the immune system is weak.  


Dietary Allergies

It is a type of protein that is generally found of wheat or food made of wheat. When you consume wheat or wheat-made products it leads to your digestive distress, rashes, irritation, and swelling because of the gluten present in the food.

Food Allergies and Your Immune System

As far as the food is concerned, almost all allergens are proteins. For most people, these types of proteins are not allergens because their immune systems do not react to them. It is no other than the reaction of your immune system to these proteins that causes different types of allergic reactions. If your immune system is weak, you may prone to food allergy.

Dietary Allergies

Amongst kids, most allergic reactions to food are normally caused by eggs, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and others. Many kids stop being allergic to the food of different types early in their childhood. Most allergic adults react to nuts, peanuts, wheat, fruits and more.

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