Nutrition and public health leaders convened for Nigeria’s first-ever Child Nutrition Summit, organized by AugustSecrets LTD, a prominent brand in child nutrition. As part of AugustSecrets’ 6th-anniversary festivities, the summit emphasized the criticality of child nutrition and the widespread challenge of malnutrition in Nigeria. It spotlighted AugustSecrets’ commitment to offering nutritious solutions for families, both at home and abroad.

AugustSecrets: Empowering Stakeholders for Child Nutrition

Held at the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce in Lagos, the summit brought together stakeholders in nutrition, policy-making, family nutrition programs, international organizations, NGOs, academic institutions, and other prominent voices in the child nutrition ecosystem.

Toyin Onigbanjo’s Call to Action: Nurturing a Healthier Generation.

AugustSecrets Founder and CEO Toyin Onigbanjo reinforced the importance of promoting healthy children’s diets and lifestyles by recognizing food’s critical role in the various stages of development. 

Toyin Onigbanjo

“A well-nurtured generation is sure to contribute meaningfully to society and engender development. Therefore, nutrition is a complex issue that requires the participation and involvement of stakeholders at all levels, including the media. All hands must be on deck, especially now that Nigeria is at a critical stage of malnutrition,” Onigbanjo said.

AugustSecrets’ Impact: Transforming Lives Through Nutrition

She noted that AugustSecrets, since its inception in 2018, has made a significant impact, feeding over 300,000 children, providing 100 direct jobs, donating food items to over 5000 families, and educating over 200,000 young families on the importance of child nutrition. She also promised that AugustSecrets will continue to empower families and contribute to the fight against malnutrition for a healthier future. 

“We recognize the central role that families play in shaping the health and well-being of children, and we know that nothing focuses the mind more than the responsibility of nurturing a child. Therefore, are rising to the task of offering helping hands to families, so no family feels overwhelmed or left behind. We are evolving into a company dedicated to creating nutritious meals for children and the family at large.” Onigbanjo added. 

Tackling Childhood Obesity with Nutrition

Speaking on the Nutrition value chain, Collins Akanno, Chairman of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Lagos Chapter, acknowledged that poor nutrition is detrimental and risky to childhood obesity, hence the need for parents to embrace healthy nutrition for their wards. 

Collins Akanno

“Eating right lies within the influence of parents. Therefore, parents should put their children on nutritious diets such as fruits and vegetables,” said Akanno. According to him, going organic is another crucial step toward better eating, improved digestion, and good health for children. “Organic foods are not sprayed with chemicals or preservatives during the planting or growing process and are easier for many children to digest and absorb nutrients properly”, he added. 

Addressing Child Nutrition Challenges

Renowned voices and thought leaders, including Gastronomic Expert and Advisory Board Member at AugustSecrets, Iquo Ukoh; Clinical Nutritionist Funmi Ijiwola; as well as Paediatrician and Medical Consultant at Lagos State Health Service Commission, Dr Ayodele Renner, also shared their insights at the summit.

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