Monday, the 6th of May was fashion’s most anticipated night: the 2024 Met Gala descended upon the Metropolitan Museum of Art, ushering in a spectacle of style and innovation. This year, the exhibition, titled “Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion” cast a spellbinding spotlight on the transformative power of technology in revitalising age-old garments.

As the evening unfolded, guests ascended the museum’s iconic steps, adorned in ensembles that pay homage to the gala’s theme, “The Garden of Time.” Inspired by J.G. Ballard’s evocative tale of a count who manipulates time with each pluck of a rose, attendees were poised to enchant with interpretations ranging from vibrant florals to avant-garde techno-infused creations.

Leading the soirée were co-hosts Anna Wintour, alongside the illustrious quartet of Zendaya, Jennifer Lopez, Bad Bunny, and making his debut, Chris Hemsworth. Together, they steered the evening’s festivities towards fundraising for the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Institute, ensuring a night of unparalleled elegance and philanthropy.

As the gala unfolded, we explored every breathtaking ensemble that graced the Met Gala 2024 red carpet and here are our top picks.

MET GALA 2024: Best of Women’s Fashion

Photo credit: Getty Images

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