We are gradually settling into the “New Normal’ even though we’re still in the era of COVID-19. For more economic than medical reasons, lockdowns have been lifted around the world, and many countries have started to ease border restrictions and reopen for international tourists. It is important to note that information in this regard is very dynamic and is changing at a rapid pace so be sure to do extensive research before you book for your travels.

Countries without boarders

Also bear in mind that the reopening of tourism activities is dependent on the approval of each country’s government and could be reversed at anytime. Again, carefully and dutifully check with local and federal authorities of your home country and that of your intended destination before you proceed. 

Quite a number of countries have opened their borders to international visitors and travelers, but with certain terms and conditions, and exclusions also. A few of them include;  


Countries without boarders

Austria has officially reopened its borders to/for tourism. The first 31 countries that have authorization to travel to Austria include all of the European Union nations, with the exception of UK, Sweden, Spain and Portugal. Visitors from the approved EU countries can visit Austria without a quarantine period or testing.


Countries without boarders

The Bahamas has officially reopened for tourism. They will be accepting tourists from all countries but a mandatory 14 day quarantine AND a PCR test has now been implemented. 


Countries without boarders

Barbados officially reopened for tourism, allowing tourists from all countries and nations to visit. While all nations are welcome to visit the island nation of Barbados, there are different entry requirements depending on where the travelers are coming from. However, very recently, the nation re-released a new set of entry requirements that are stricter.


Countries without boarders

Brazil has officially reopened their borders to tourism. Surprisingly, Brazil reopened its borders, basically without any restrictions. Brazil is only asking visitors to have valid travel insurance that covers covid, and a valid visa (if your country requires one.) Flights are now approved to land in Sao Paulo and Rio.

The Dominican Republic.

Countries without boarders

The Dominican Republic has reopened for tourism, The Minister of Economy, Planning, and Development confirmed. International airports in the Dominican Republic have also started operations. Social distancing and face-covering requirements remain in effect to slow the spread of coronavirus.


Countries without boarders

Egypt has reopened her borders for tourism to seaside resorts. Tourism brings in around $1 billion in revenue for Egypt each month, so the impact of the border closures caused by the pandemic has been significant.


Countries without boarders

Ethiopia has now reopened her borders for international travels. Passengers will need to bring a negative PCR test taken within 5 days of arrival. They are also required to self isolate at home for 14 days. Visitors are tested again upon arrival.


Countries without boarders

Jamaica has reopened its borders to all international tourists said the honorable Edmund Bartlett, head of the Ministry of Tourism. Unlike some countries opening throughout the world, Jamaica is not restricting incoming travelers from any particular countries. 


Countries without boarders

President Uhuru Kenyatta had earlier announced that Kenya will be reopening for international tourism on August 1st, 2020. The country will also lifted all internal travel restrictions on the same day. Entry requirements include presenting a negative PCR test.


Countries without boarders

Maldives have reopened for tourism and international flights have also resumed. Tourists from all countries will be able to enter the Maldives. However, a health declaration card must be completed and all passengers will go through thermal screening. Every tourist will be provided with a free 30 day visa.


Countries without boarders

Netherlands has reopened to tourists from countries in the European Union and the Schengen area. On July 1, the Netherlands decided to reopen to further third-party countries suggested by the EU, including Canada, Japan and others.

Saint Lucia

Countries without boarders

Saint Lucia has began reopening its tourism industry. Visitors will be required to fill out an online form, present certified proof of a negative COVID-19 test within 7 days of boarding their flights, and upon arrival in St. Lucia, they must continue to wear facemasks and practice social distancing.

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