Prince Harry is poised to join the prestigious Living Legends of Aviation. He will be honoured alongside fellow aviators Fred George, Marc Parent, and Steve Hinton. The 21st Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards, scheduled for Friday, Jan. 19, 2024, in California, will pay tribute to those who have made a lasting impact on the field of aviation and aerospace. The event will be hosted by John Travolta, recognized as the ‘Official Ambassador of Aviation.’ 

John Travolta is a certified pilot with a profound love for aviation. He boasts thousands of flight hours and ownership of multiple aircraft. Renowned in aviation circles, he frequently expresses his passion for flying.

Prince Harry – Once upon a time in the British Army. 

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, well-known for his military service, completed two significant tours of duty in Afghanistan as a forward air controller and an Apache helicopter pilot. There, displaying a profound sense of duty and showcasing not only his dedication but also his courage on the front lines. 

Prince Harry
Prince Harry

The Duke of Sussex also dedicated 18 months to intensive Apache training. He emerged as a top-notch Apache helicopter pilot with the British Army Air Corps. This rigorous training, conducted at the Naval Air Facility in El Centro, California, covered various stages; including basic flight training, specialized helicopter training, and intricate operational training specific to the Apache aircraft.

His excellence in flying, particularly in challenging environments like Afghanistan, earned him admiration from his peers and superiors alike.
Prince Harry

Lieutenant Colonel Tom de la Rue, who commanded Prince Harry in the Army Air Corps in 2014, lauded him, stating.. “Captain Wales has achieved the highest level of flying excellence as an Apache pilot, notably in Afghanistan. Serving as a true inspiration to many Army Air Corps officers and soldiers who have come to know him well.”

Prince Harry has undoubtedly left an indelible mark with his unwavering commitment during his time in the military. His military journey stands as a testament to his resilience, leadership, and genuine inspiration to those who served alongside him.

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