Ogo Ashiru

There are certain steps you can take to change your lifestyle and slowly but surely get to your desired weight. A healthy weight loss is weight loss of 3-4 pounds a week that is about 1-2 kilograms per week. Here are a few tips for a healthy weight loss.

  1. Drink water

Hunger can be sometimes confused with dehydration, so instead of a snack, the next time you feel hungry, drink some water. Limit soft drinks and  alcohol.  Drinking water before meals will make you feel full faster and you therefore eat less.

2. Eat real carbohydrates

Eliminate refined and processed carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, rice, ola-ola, sugary  cereals and include real complex carbohydrates in your diet. Real carbohydrates include fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Legumes are the different kinds of peas and beans. Fruits and vegetables are high in fiber which slows digestion and promote stable blood sugar levels. They are packed with anti-oxidants which help reduce inflammation in the body and also fight off free radicals that cause cancer and disease

3. Choose healthy fats

Most people have heard that fats are not good for you as they make you get fat, not true.  We need some form of fat in our bodies. Fats are used by the body for insulation and  for easy absorption of some fat soluble  vitamins like A and D which are necessary for a healthy heart. Fats also provide the body with energy, contributes to healthy hair formation, healthy skin and nails.

4. Healthy proteins

Proteins are used to replenish and renew our cells and stabilize blood sugar. So these should also be included in your diet. The minute proteins leave your fork, they start working to slim your waist line. Protein requires a lot of energy to digest, metabolize and use so therefore you burn more calories. They also take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel fuller for longer.

5. Have a healthy breakfast

It has been observed that when you eat a healthy hearty breakfast, you wake up your metabolism with a good boost. Breakfast gets your metabolism working after the break from eating while you slept. A healthy breakfast keeps your craving at its lowest because the breakfast keeps you fuller especially if your breakfast included protein and fiber.

6. Remain active

be-active-glaziaStaying active is very important for the body. Not only does it keep you lean and fit. It boosts your mood too. Exercise helps burn more calories/energy resulting  in weight reduction. It also increases the body’s metabolism, reduces the circumference of the waist, reduces  resting heart rate and blood pressure

7.  Get enough sleep

Sleep is very important for regulating the body’s energy, metabolism and appetite.

8. Eat home cooked meals

When you eat foods that are cooked at home, you are able to have better control of what goes on your plate. You have control over portion sizes(quantity) and quality of food. You can control the amount of salt, type of fat that is used in preparing your meals.

9. Keep a food diary

Keeping a food diary helps you keep track of what goes into your body and you are able to keep track of how your body feels when you eat certain foods. Some foods  might affect you adversely and a food diary will help you pin-point what food that was.

A healthy approach to weight loss is always best!



Ogochukwu Kemdibe Ashiru is a UK certified Life and US certified Wellness coach who is passionate about helping people achieve their wellness goals using a holistic approach of keeping body, mind and spirit in sync in other to make healthy, sustainable,  lifestyle choices. Connect with her on Instagram @whollyhealthsome

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