It’s January, and this usually means; movie industries releasing new movies, especially the ones shot the previous year. Also, it means season updates on movie series and TV shows. For series lovers, January is golden time because some wait for a year or more for a new season to drop. And hope to not be disappointed with news about the series cancelation or a favourite character leaving the show.

The lockdown year was somewhat good for the movie industries. And the one that followed was also good and this owes to the fact that people had more time to binge movies and shows. Though on the down side, cinemas and public showings took a bad hit, the entertainment industry could be said to have been hit the worse.

As of last year, there were some uncertainties about when certain shows were going to be updated. However, this year, Netflix, HBO and other streaming services have announced when some shows would be updated. If you can’t already tell, this makes us particularly excited. 

Here are some TV shows to look forward to in 2022!

Stranger Things

This Netflix sci-fi show was released in 2016 and has had two more seasons after that. It’s about a group of friends who witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits. Set in the 1980s, the children unravel a series of extraordinary mysteries.

Season 4 release date : mid-2022


This British show is based on the book Bridgerton by Julia Quinn. It is about eight close-knit siblings of the powerful Bridgerton family as they attempt to find love.

The first season was released in 2020 by Shondaland production company and it focused on the first siblings’ love life. The second season is being promised to focus on the second sibling’s love life.

Second season premiere date: March 25, 2022.


This freeform’s spinoff of the popular series, Black-ish, was released in 2018. It follows the story of Zoey Johnson in college as she navigates life with about eight other racially different friends. 

Release date of season 4 : January 27, 2022


Ozark season 1, was released in 2017 and two other seasons have followed since then. It follows the story of a man who is on the move with his wife and two kids, after a money-laundering scheme goes wrong. Its fourth season is going to be in two parts just like Money Heist’s. 

Season 4 release date : January 21, 2022

The Crown

This historical drama had its first season released in 2016. It follows the life of Queen Elizabeth II from the 1940s to modern times.

Season 5 release date : November 2022. 

Now that you’re caught up on what series to expect this year, enjoy our beautifully curated list of top movies from 2021. 

Article written by Sola Tales

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