At this particular time, despite countless researches, the evidence to support dieting for sustainable weight loss is far from convincing. We are however hopeful.

Studies have shown that dieting is not the cure-all when it comes to weight loss, because there are a lot of factors involved, however, this shouldn’t prevent you from focusing on healthier eating habits, proper dieting and losing weight to improve your health or self-image. Besides, diets are only effective if they allow you to develop sustainable healthy behaviors.

Here are some dietary and lifestyle tips that may help prevent weight regain.

Engage in self-monitoring behaviors
Tracking. 5 Strategic Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss Journey
Track your progress

This can include tracking your diet and exercise.Tracking your calorie intake and exercise increases self-awareness of your behaviors and how those behaviors affect your weight loss goals.

Find an activity you enjoy.
Swimming. 5 Strategic Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss Journey
Do something you enjoy.

Exercise comes in different forms, such as biking, walking, swimming, taking the stairs, or playing outdoors with your kids. Find an activity you enjoy and do it often.

Buy more of healthy foods like fruits and vegetables.
Fruits and Vegetables. 5 Strategic Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss Journey
Eat your fruits and vegetables.

The decision and action of eating healthier would be a whole lot easier if you have more healthy foods like fruits and vegetables at your home instead of highly processed snacks like chips and soda. So, stock up on your fruits and greens.

Prioritize sleep and reduce stress factors you have control over.
Proper sleep. 5 Strategic Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss Journey
Sleep more, eat less.

A lack of sleep and many of life’s stressors can sabotage your weight loss goals. Establish healthy sleep habits and try to learn ways to ease your worry about things you can’t control.

Fill your plate with whole foods.
Whole foods, healthy eating. 5 Strategic Ways to Maintain Your Weight Loss Journey
Eat healthier meals.

Choose whole and minimally processed foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. These foods can help keep you feeling full and provide your body the necessary nutrients to support weight loss and your health.

Key note; Developing and maintaining healthy dietary and lifestyle habits are the keys to preventing weight regain. Also, the most important weight loss factors include adopting sustainable and healthy dietary and exercise habits you enjoy doing in the long term, so you do grow weary and abandon the entire process.

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