Shatu Garko, the 44th Miss Nigeria, launches an Instagram Live series from Tuesday, August 23, to August 31 to drive women’s empowerment.

It would kick off with a discussion on safety for women, then how period poverty can be curbed, and also center on the importance and need for financial literacy. Other topics of discussion vary from managing hunger with food outreach to breast cancer awareness and building a personal brand.

The IG Live series is part of a monthly outreach created by the Miss Nigeria Organisation to provide the necessary basic amenities for children and disenfranchised youths in our society.

Shatu Garko

The current queen, Miss Shatu Garko, and her team will visit areas in Lagos, Abuja, Anambra, and some other states that are most affected by poverty and distribute care packages to them. The aim is to inspire, uplift, educate and support those deprived of certain services and rights. It will involve learning, social planning, health support, and other projects for their welfare.

Shatu Garko

According to Shatu, it is not enough that women are sensitized but the importance of empowering them with resources should also be stressed. She says, “I know what I have witnessed and experienced in Kano. Women need a lot more than sensitization. Young women must be empowered with resources to be financially, emotionally, and physically free and safe. I want a Nigeria where the average young girl is confident to dream and achieve big dreams and is capable of protecting herself in all aspects of life.”

Shatu also mentions that she hopes the IG Live series will be the start of something new for women in the country.

Miss Nigeria Organisation

Adding to Shatu’s statement, Eniola Olushola, General Manager, Miss Nigeria Organisation, who would also be a guest on the series, contributing to the discussion on women’s safety, says, “The idea of women being the weaker vessel has outlived its stay. International Women’s Day this year was a testament to that. Everyone is trying to break the bias, and Miss Nigeria will continue to lead the charge” she said.

Shatu Garko

“At Miss Nigeria Organisation, we want progress for women. We want to see them emerging successes. Nigerian women are already making us proud, and we want to keep it that way. In athletics, they are shining brightly and breaking records. We can see them bringing their “A game” in music and other areas. This is why we want to discuss how to make things better for the average young Nigerian woman.”

Shatu Garko

The IG live would have in attendance several notable women, including the first runner-up, Miss Nigeria 2021, Nicole Ikot; CEO & Founder at Virtuous Pads, Tabitha Arenson Abimiku; Miss Nigeria Global Brand Ambassador, London Knight, Managing Partner at GLG Communications, Omawumi Ogbe, among others.

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