Since the devastation of the Covid Pandemic, a lot has changed in the “work space” and digitization has accelerated, technology is more advanced than ever, and remote work has become somewhat “the new normal” for many. Also, finding new jobs is not exactly the easiest thing to do right now since the pandemic hit.  These changes that came with the new normal are not without their challenges, as new or improved skills are required to work efficiently with remote teams, while being more productive than ever.

So, if you’re looking for a job while working from home, or looking to improve on your skills for your current job,  here are four skill sets you should include;

Digital and programming skills
4 Most Sought After Skills for Remote Work Right Now.
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Since the pandemic started, people with skills in ​​digital marketing, web development, web design, and programming have become even more pivotal to companies than they were previously.  With a growing number of companies moving towards remote working or hybrid working models, it’s crucial to have an understanding of digital tools and programs needed for remote work.

Social network skills
4 Most Sought After Skills for Remote Work Right Now.
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Being able to navigate and manage social networks is a professional skill that has been growing in demand for some time, but demand has skyrocketed since the start of the pandemic. Many companies may not have the budget to allocate an entire role to a social media manager, as a result, social media skills that complement your core areas of expertise are greatly attractive.

Tech skills
4 Most Sought After Skills for Remote Work Right Now.
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Tech skills in fields like robotics, augmented reality, the internet of things, or AI can be invaluable to companies in the context of the changes brought about by the pandemic. The demand for individuals with knowledge of specific cloud software and collaborative work tools have increased.

Soft skills
4 Most Sought After Skills for Remote Work Right Now.
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Self-discipline, communication skills, and initiative are generally considered to be very sought-after traits but are particularly so if you’re looking to work from home. These skills are even more essential now that, often, your colleagues and those to whom you report are at a physical distance. 

In conclusion, tools like resilience, improved digital skills, and the ability to adapt to change should not be lacking in you.

Reference: Business Insider.

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