As we inch closer to the holiday period, now more than ever, everyone might want to travel for a much needed timeout, especially after the kind of year we have all had. Whether you are traveling alone for your end of year vacation, or traveling with your family, or traveling to go see your family, there are some key tips that you need to know. It’ll help you a great deal.

These tips are divided into different categories; Planning, Saving money, Packing, Money and Safety


Be open to unpredictability. 

Most types of travel (especially Independent travel) are unpredictable. Just go – and don’t try to plan out all the details. Sometimes, spontaneity is the spice of travel. So, be flexible about your plans when traveling, always allow room for changes in your schedule. You can achieve this by having an open plan for the day, week or month.

Make it a point to see something you would like, but don’t cram a lot of things immediately around it. This gives you time to see what you want, possibly more, and without being forced to leave too soon.

Be prepared. 

Commit your family’s passport numbers (and expiry dates) to memory. It makes filling out immigration arrival cards so much quicker and easier.

Get in the know. 

Set up Google Alerts for the cities or countries that you will be visiting next so you can get updated on the news of what’s going on. Instead of searching for information, let it come to you.

Plan for the unexpected***

Saving money

Do your Research. 

Sometimes, you can find great deals when you are actually face-to-face in a place, but it is more advisable to do the online research beforehand to save yourself from a lot of undue stress. Online research helps you know approximate costs so you don’t get ripped off. Online research helps you know the key places you’ll want to visit and the different options of how to get there.

Shop for flights months before your travel date.

Booking your flight months before you’re actually ready to travel will save you a whole lot of money, because you’d be avoiding that “rush hour” ticket purchase that always leads to a hike in ticket prices; so book long ahead of time.

Fly midweek

If you can, avoid traveling on the weekends. It is busier, and more expensive. Try flying between Tuesdays and Thursdays, you’ll see the difference.

Check out free deals

There are many ways to see sights for free. You can get many free city walking tours worldwide, and most museums are often free during off-peak hours (museums don’t usually cost that much anyway). Art galleries are also usually free and in some places, if you happen to arrive during an opening, you might get a glass of wine too. Parks and nature spots are usually free of charge

Avoid over packing. 

No matter how long you’re trip, packing light is key! To maximize your clothing options, choose long lasting items that you enjoy wearing and that can be worn in a variety of settings. Plan to mix and match to ensure that your wardrobe goes a long way. Never pack “just in case” items and know that you can buy practically anything you may need along the way.

Split your stuff up

If you happen to be traveling with your spouse or a friend, or with family, split your luggage, and let everybody carry a different luggage, so peradventure the airline misplaces any of your luggage, you’re all not left stranded.

Money and safety

Take only half. 

The best travel tip you’ll ever hear is this; take only half of the stuff you originally planned on bringing and double the amount of money you had planned on. Nothing worse than hauling a bunch of crap you don’t need halfway around the world (or country) or missing out on a great experience because you didn’t bring enough money.

Double it

It is not advisable to travel with just one ATM card. Have two or three keep the cards stored in separate locations on your person or baggage, just in case one is lost, stolen or won’t work. That way, you don’t get stranded.

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