It is always a good idea to know some facts about the foods we eat, while some are strange, others are gross, some others are shocking, and some are just downright hilarious.

Below are 10 food facts you should know;
heap of capers on white background

Capers are the unopened green flower buds of a wild and cultivated bush which is related to the cabbage family.


Capsaicin, which makes hot peppers “hot” to the human mouth, is best neutralized by casein, the main protein found in milk. So if you consume something too spicy, reach for the nearest bottle of milk.


Celery requires more calories to eat and digest than it contains. Here comes the weight loss miracle.


Cereal as a word is derived from the name of the Roman goddess Ceres, protector of crops. Hmmmm!

Chewing gum

Chewing gum may keep you slim by boosting the metabolic rate by about 20%. Chewing gum stimulates signals in the learning centre of the brain and thus help save memory as you age. Who knew?


Chilli heat is measured in Scoville units, named after the pharmacist Thomas Scoville.


Chocolate bloom occurs when the cocoa butter has separated causing it to rise to the surface of the chocolate and is a result of the chocolate being stored in too humid or too warm a temperature.

“Romantic Chocolate”

Chocolate may have its romantic effect due to the effects on the brain of a naturally occurring substance called phenylethylamine which enhances endorphin levels, increase libido and act a natural antidepressant. Valentine is around the corner…


Coca-cola was originally green. Whoever wants to drink a green coca-cola? Not us! Would you?


Coffee originated from the Arabic word “qahwah”, and it is the most recognized smell in the world.

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