The Female Techpreneur has announced Chief Experience Officer at WOW! Connect Services and the Founder of TEPS, Tobi Olanihun, as its July speaker. Billed for Thursday 7th July 2022, the renowned event producer and experience designer will share insights on; how female entrepreneurs can revolutionise events for business success. 

Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, Female Techpreneur is a women-focused global community of; leading career professionals and entrepreneurs leveraging technology to disrupt the world. 

Tobi Olanihun and Bukky Babajide – Fireside Chat.

The virtual event will see Tobi join Female Techpreneur founder Bukky Babajide in a fireside conversation tagged  “How Tech Entrepreneurs Can Use Events to Grow Their Startups”. Career professionals, tech startups, and small business owners will receive insights on how to use events to boost brand recognition, attract desired target audience and appeal to key stakeholders. 

“We are excited to have an experienced and renowned business founder like Tobi Olanihun as our speaker this July.” – said Bukky Bajide, founder of the Female Techpreneur. “Our community provides members with access to resources, global networking opportunities and a purposeful boutique tech ecosystem,” she said. 

“Among other things, Tobi will share practical tips that determine the success rate of events, the role events play in marketing strategy, and how to use events as a channel for networking with investors and customers.” 

Tobi Olanihun
Tobi Olanihun

According to Tobi Olanihun, the fireside chat will educate participants on the possibilities that events – be they physical, virtual or hybrid – offer in today’s business landscape and how they serve as a solid foundation for business growth.

“As a business owner and the founder of a tech startup myself, I see the challenges people face in running successful businesses.’ said Tobi Olanihun. “In today’s busy world, experience is the new gold. However, with attention span and tolerance levels constantly dropping, it has become increasingly tough to attract and retain the attention of customers and prospective customers,” she said. Adding that, people move on quickly once they experience discomfort with one’s event or offerings. 

With over a decade of experience in innovative event planning, Tobi Olanihun has handled several high-profile events across Nigeria, Ghana, New York and other parts of the world. She is also the founder of the latest events platform, TEPS (The Experience Plug Systems) – an innovative platform that automates crucial elements of event management from online registration to ticketing, in-person and virtual check-ins, and post-event analytics. 

To attend the fireside chat, women from all over the world can register free HERE.

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