Undergarments or underwear are clothings worn underneath outter clothings. They make more contact with our private or intimate areas than any other clothing. They include brassiere or bra, thongs, camisole briefs, boxer shorts, singlets and among many others. Most undergarments are made out of cotton but special ones such as lingerie could be made out of lace or silk. These delicate clothings require special care, so here’s how to;

When to Wash

Caring for your Undergarement

Bras should be washed after two or wears. Boxers, pants, sports wear and any undergarments that come in contact with intimate areas should be washed immediately after being worn to prevent breeding of infectious microorganisms. 

How to Wash

Caring for your Undergarement
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Seperate colours when you want to wash them. It’s best to handwash undergarments in order for them to last longer. They should be washed gently with warm not water using a mild detergent and rinsed with cold water. 

Caring for your Undergarment

Using a washing machine can cause them to wear off quickly, reducing their life span. If you must, then use a lingerie protective pouch to be able to wash your lingerie in the washing machine and change the settings to a delicate cycle with warm water. Do not wash your undergarments with hot water as it ruins their durability. 


Caring for your Undergarement

Undergarments should be air-dried. Best to dry them in a shade under the sunlight. Not directly under the sun, so they don’t turn brittle but outdoor in a shade to allow air and dry them properly. Do not dry your undergarments indoors especially in the bathroom or toilet; it’s a no! These areas usually have humid atmosphere and thus, causing the undergarments to not dry completely.

Break Time

Caring for your Undergarement

Try as much as possible to not wear a particular undergarments often. It will most likely be the first to leave your closet. Rotate usage on your undergarments to enhance longevity. If you do not like certain undergarments, then why keep them? Dispose properly by cutting into tiny bits. Make sure whatever undergarment you own is what you need, like and would readily wear. 


Caring for your Undergarement

Store your undergarments seperately from your main clothings. These babies deserve their own space.  Put them in sections of bras, panties, sports wears, lingerie, etc. This cuts down on looking for which undergarment to wear when it’s needed. Always check this area to be certain it’s neat and clean. 

Proper care of undergarments or underwears makes them last longer, look fresh on regular, and most importantly, contributes greatly to your body hygiene. 

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