There are a lot of things you do during the weekend and one of them could be shopping. Shopping is an  action or activity of buying goods from shops, markets or malls. In this article, we’d be examining shopping in malls. Whether for groceries or skincare products, shopping in malls can be quite a sport sometimes. Not only does shopping consume time but there are also cases where you make mistakes you cannot change. 

When shopping in malls, a lot of assumptions are made on costs and how things are run. Everyone acts like they know what is going on in the mall whereas they end up regretting a lot of decisions. In fact, there are several stories of people shopping the wrong items or ending up with more than they intended to buy. For example, the story of a young man who bought baby items because he saw his ex at a mall with another man, and wanted to prove that he had moved on. He later posted on Twitter that he wanted to sell those items as they had made a dent in his account.

Besides buying more than intended, there are also cases where you could end up going home with items you paid extra for, because you simply didn’t ask or confirm. 

What are some of these shopping mistakes and how can you avoid them?

Mistake 1: Entering a mall with a product and paying for it twice.

When entering a mall with any item that the mall has on display, it is the job of a security officer to tag it so you don’t pay twice. However, there are cases where mistakes happen. It is your duty then to ensure you get tags before sauntering in.

Shopping Mistakes

Examples of such products are; water, ice cream, and other edibles. No matter how many they are with you, tag all. Else, you could end up arguing with the counter guys and even the security guard.

Mistake 2: Buying a product you assumed was a certain price, only to find out after the receipt that it isn’t.

At malls, never assume. The price you found online may be lesser. Always ask. There are cases where products seem alike but their brands are different so the price tags under them could confuse you.

Shopping Mistakes

Examples of such products are ; moisturizers, groceries, cereals, among others. Ensure to confirm these prices before throwing them in your cart.

Mistake 3: Buying a product you assumed was on a promo

Promos outside don’t mean promos everywhere. Also, promos for one particular product don’t apply to all sometimes.

Shopping Mistakes

For instance, Nivea does a buy-two-get-one-free for some of their products. So, they could do it for cocoa butter Nivea only and you would assume it applies to all. In such cases, confirm first. 

Mistake 4: Buying a product off the counter without asking the price

Often, products on the counter are thought to be cheap because they are on the counter. Interestingly, some counter products cost more than some in the mall. Examples are, lubricants and condoms. 

Shopping Mistakes

Also, having the money for these products does not mean you wouldn’t regret not asking how much they cost. An example is a young guy who bought condoms because he was ashamed to ask about their cost in front of people. Only to find out after the receipt that he could have avoided that mistake. This is one of those ridiculous but relatable shopping mistakes that could have been avoided.

Article written by Sola Tales 

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