Fresh off her US Open victory and record 18th Grand Slam title achievement, Serena Williams had one more thing on her weekly “To-do-list”and it wasn’t an ordinary thing. She had to take on the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) with the Serena Williams Signature Collection. 

Anna Wintour Seal Of Approval“It means a lot … I mean, she’s Anna Wintour at the end of the day, fashion’s queen,”. “I hope she enjoys it.” A very happy Serena said.



Now you know where all that animal print she wore at the US Open came from. 
How nice of her US Open final Opponent Caroline Wozniacki to support her? 
Other celebrities there included supermodel Beverly Johnson, actor Boris Kodjoe and comedian Marlon Wayans“casual wear but pumped up, every day wear that is actually realistic.” the athelte/designer said of her collection.  “Sometimes you go to fashion shows and none of it is really realistic. You can take it off the models and you can go out and wear it so that is what we wanted to showcase,” Williams added.

 To-Do-List: Win 18th Grand Slam Title? Check! Show Collection at the NYFW, Double check!! 
Photo Credit: AP 
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