Despite expecting the best from the new year and decade, be rest assured that the year will come with both positive and negative energy. Why?

You are part of a world full of people with different feelings, and this can be hard. Often than not, you find yourself picking up energies around you, both positive and negative. When you come in contact with someone who is sad, blue or depressed, you find yourself sharing those feelings too. In some cases, people who are sad end up feeling better after meeting with you, and you end up feeling sad or depressed after meeting them. This is because you have unknowingly transferred your positive energy to them and absorbing their negative energy into yourself.

Having a strong and healthy mind can help you a lot in achieving your dreams and goals. When you stay positive, you improve the strength of your mind, and you will possess valuable qualities like determination, persistence, passion, tranquility, dedication, and patience, just to name a few.

The intention of protecting your energy field is what protects you. When you create a protective shield, it is important to have a firm conviction that it is there, it protects you


As you’ve probably noticed before, there is a range in our sensory abilities.  Some people can see very well, others not very well at all.  Some have excellent hearing, while others are deaf.  The same applies to energy sensitivity, or as they call it, your “sixth sense”. Are you energy sensitive?

When you break down reality, everything is made up of one thing, and that is vibration energy.  Some people are very aware of the energy that surrounds them, and they can tell when energy is high and when it is low.  They easily sense “good” and “bad” vibes.  Other people, not so much.

Not all energy sensitive folks will carry each of these traits, but if you carry a few of them, you are probably quite sensitive to vibration energy.

Protecting Energy 2020
Are you energy sensitive?
  1. Deep empathy for others:

You can often spot the most energy sensitive person in the room when there is someone around who is hurt or upset.  Energy sensitive people are often the “first responders,” there to hold a hand, give a hug or lend a listening ear.  Energy sensitive people often feel other people’s emotions (and sometimes their physical pain too), and so they easily understand and empathize with people who are suffering.

  1. Emotional roller-coasters:

Having a keen sense of vibration energy often means that the high times feel very high but the low times feel very low.  Having some plans in place to help you raise your vibration can be very helpful, especially during low times!

  1. Addictions:

Being energy sensitive means you “feel” a lot more than many people.  To avoid feeling low vibration energy, these individuals may lean on substances like drugs or alcohol in order to numb out the pain of negative sensory input.  They may also have a proclivity for other types of addictions, like food, gambling or shopping.

  1. Being an excellent judge of character:

Energy sensitive people are often very aware of other people’s motivations, and many times they can “just tell when” someone is bad news.  This can be a very beneficial trait, as it makes one less likely to be conned or taken advantage of.

  1. Possible introversion:

Not all sensitive folks are introverts, but many often are.  It can be overwhelming to take on the emotions and feelings of other people, and so often energy sensitive people withdraw and seek alone time in order to stabilize. They are often likely to feel drained after prolonged social interactions.

As you can see, being energy sensitive is a bit of a double-edged sword.  Being attuned to vibration energy allows one to have a deeper understanding of the universe, but it also can lead to a degree of over-stimulation, and this can cause a variety of problems if left unaddressed.

Reading energy and being able to empathize with others can be a tremendous asset.  Energy sensitive folks are well-equipped to evoke positive change in the world, and have the capacity to be some of the world’s greatest leaders, healers and teachers.

So, do you think you are energy sensitive?


Protecting your Energy 2020

In protecting your energy this year, it is imperative that you be intentional about it by choosing a high vibration. This can be in daily simple steps like setting daily intentions to stay positive, meditate on peace, visualizing yourself and your home surrounded by light. Choose to feel and think about good things, and do activities that feel good to you naturally.

Here are 10 simple steps to keep you positive as well as mentally and emotionally healthy;

  1. Tune into how you’re feeling.

Are you stressed? Know the signs, so you can chill out better and faster. Irritability, tension headache, feeling out of sorts or just not like yourself are all signs of stress lurking somewhere in the background. We all deal with so much during the day that it’s easy to stop paying attention to these signs, but it’s an important thing to do. You’re not a machine. Things upset you. Cultivating an awareness of your emotions is the first step to protecting your energy, not wasting it on stress.

  1. Set boundaries to conserve energy.

Learn how to say things like “that doesn’t work for me”, “maybe some other time”, “no thanks”. Drawing a line when you simply can’t extend yourself is a powerful protective measure. This lets you husband your energy, and keep the draining influences of other people’s demands at a distance. Don’t feel bad for saying no. Your needs are just as important as the next person’s.

  1. Use mindfulness to limit your exposure to negativity.

This is all about policing your thoughts and intentions. We are what we think we are, so when you constantly focus on how stressed or tired you’re, how busy this awful day is, how terrible you feel. Then that is all you’ll be. Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of what you’re thinking and how you’re talking to yourself, as well as how the attitudes of those around you affect you. When you achieve this awareness, tuning into positivity, and away from negativity (inside and out), becomes so much easier.

  1. Find your happy place.

When you close your eyes, where do you go? Find out and go there in your mind. No joke! Visualizing a place you love, where you feel safe and calm, is a strong tool to use when it comes to protecting your energy. Maybe you think of your bed, all cozy and piled with comfy blankets. Maybe it’s that trail you love to hike. Taking one full minute to sit with your eyes closed, breathing deeply, imagining that space with as much sensory detail as possible, recharges your battery.

  1. Be aware of your triggers.

Does too much stress make you anxious? Of course it does. Protect your energy from the wasting effects of both anxiety and stress by learning, and working with, your triggers. If deadlines make you curl into the fetal position, learn to become a maven of organization. Social nerves? Limit your encounters to people you find actually enjoyable, rather than those you feel pressured to relate with. Again, there is so much power in saying “no” and “no thank you”.

Protecting your energy 2020

  1. Create a sanctuary.

Create a soothing home full of textures, colors and scents that you love. Designate areas just for your favorite activities, and dedicate time for doing those things you love. Cooking, crafting, learning: whatever your hobbies or interests are. Take time to indulge in them. Knowing you have a lovely space to return to at the end of a hectic day will offset a lot of stress and negative energy. It can even be the happy place you take a time out to visualize.

  1. Clean your physical and mental spaces.

De-cluttering your zones at home, at work and in your head is a powerful way to protect your energy. Maintaining a solid, grounded mental state is difficult when you’re hemmed in on all sides by physical and emotional stuff. That kind of environment lends itself more to disorder, chaos and stress.

Clear the house. Get rid of things (and, yes, also people) that just aren’t doing you any good. From old clothes you’ll never wear again to anxiety-inducing social media accounts you follow: donate, un-follow, un-friend. Difficult? Sometimes. But also totally worth it.

  1. Trust your gut.

Dealing with a person or situation that feels unhealthy? Protect your energy by listening to your instincts. You’ll learn who or what isn’t good for you by how you feel when you are around them. If they leave you feeling drained or just distracted and a little overwhelmed, there’s a reason for that. Pay attention and limit your exposure to anything and anyone that causes you to feel off.

  1. Build a solid social circle.

Go toward people, groups and activities that make you feel good. Just as someone draining you negatively affects your energy, being around happy people will make you feel comfortable and this will have a positive effect.

At work, this can mean seeking out coworkers whose vibes you really like and finding ways to spend more time together. Coordinate lunch or coffee breaks, after-work drinks or even a weekend hangout. Tuning in to folks who leave you feeling energized makes it much easier to protect yourself from the influences of those who don’t.

  1. Build a “wall.”

When it comes to protecting yourself from negative energy, creating a barrier is a useful practice. Much the same as thinking about your happy place, doing this taps into the power of visualization. Take a breath, close your eyes and surround yourself with a soft white positive light. Think of it as a protective bubble, a force field or some good old fashioned light therapy. Whatever you call it, it’s a solid way to block out negative vibes.

Tell us;  how do you keep negative energy at bay?

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