The fear of public speaking is as real as fears come. Some people have described feeling faint and literally falling sick because they had to speak to a crowd. In the other hand, you are not scared but you really do not know how to get this speaking thing right. Regardless of what your challenges are, there are techniques to help harness your strengths and overcome the fear of speaking in public. We caught up with renowned public speaker, author and Pastor, Damilola Oluwatoyinbo who shares some basic but very critical tips for anyone who desires to excel in the art of speaking.

According to him, the number one thing that makes a great speaker, is having a passion for people as one does not speak to inanimate objects but to people, hence it is important to have compassion for people and talk ‘to’ people and not ‘down’ at them. So, whether you are giving a keynote speech to a huge crowd, making a formal presentation on a project or simply asking your boss for a raise, these 7 tips from Damilola are essential to getting ahead in making yourself heard and in bringing change.

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