February started on a very high note on many fronts, majorly because it’s my birth month and secondly because the multi-hyphenate and performing artiste with the most Grammy award wins, Beyoncé,  entered the group chat with the Renaissance World Tour announcement . Before I continue, I need to get this off my chest. 

Social media is a funny thing. It can be fun, entertaining, intrusive, educative, informative, draining and everything else. It is exhausting, and if I had my way, which I do not, I would not be on social media.

Why am I hating on the “innanet” this morning one would ask, but truth is, I am not. I do however have something to say.  Before taht too, let me ask; when was the last time someone prayed for you?

Renaissance World Tour 2023

Remember when I said Beyoncé entered the February group chat, she announced the Renaissance World Tour! After a hiatus of many years, Queen Bee is going back on tour in 2023! The world ain’t ready, that’s for sure. Following this announcement in an Instagram post on February 1st, the #beehive went into yet another Beyoncé-induced frenzy. This is expected, it’s a given! When Beyoncé says jump, the hive only asks ‘how high Queen?’ Which is a good thing. Se has worked hard at her craft.

However, while the #beehive was busy losing their Sh***, Grammy award-winning singer and songwriter, Tasha Cobbs Leonard had something else on her mind. She decided to pray for Beyoncé! Yes, you read that right! Pray for Beyoncé!

I was scrolling through Instagram this morning when I came across her post and my first reaction was to like it. I then went a step further into the comment section and the fact that you’re reading this article right now means that I saw some things that piqued my interest. Some folks were not happy about it, while others thought that she should, in fact, change her prayer points. I was stunned, to say the least. 

See the prayer points below. 
Renaissance World Tour
Renaissance World Tour
Renaissance World Tour
Renaissance World Tour
Renaissance World Tour

Last I checked, freedom of speech is a real thing, but apparently, freedom of prayer, not so much. 

Now I have some questions: 

Was Tasha Cobbs wrong for praying for her colleague?

Is there a more appropriate prayer that she would have made? 

Or are people just doing too much and not minding their business?

If you ask me, I’d say no.3. People need to mind their business! Period! 

What Cobbs did was beautiful to me. I don’t know her motives, but I liked her action. I also don’t know what it takes to be a performing artist with several Grammy wins, but I do understand intercession. 

“The Lord knoweth them that are his” – 2 Tim 2:19 

This is an opinion piece written by Rachael Mordi. This article does not in any way portray the beliefs and views of Glazia Magazine. 

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