When we first saw the announcement, we thought "This should have been his 3rd time, what took you guys so long?" 

The mega superstar and ex-footballer  says "It's a huge honor" and one that he is very pleased to accept. However, the father of four adorable kids says he never feels that he is a sexy person. (We  don't believe this, not after prancing in all that underwear Beckham!) 




In his cheeky "acceptance" speech on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Tuesday night, Beckham said "I would obviously like to thank my parents for bringing me into this world. I would also like to thank my hairdresser, my stylist, photoshop…" he joked. 
On his sexiest title, there is one person he hopes thinks of him as sexy all the time, his designer wife, Victoria Beckham. "I would hope that she feels this way about me all the time anyway!" he says "But she said, 'Congratulations!'" he tells People Magazine. 

David Beckham doesn't just looks and dresses good, he does good to others. Perhaps that was what PEOPLE meant when they tagged him "Tough & Tender"
Beckham, in a film jointly commissioned by BBC Worldwide and the BBC from 7 Games and Big Earth Productions, goes on an iconic journey for his "7 Games in 7 Continent"' initiative for UNICEF. 



David Beckham in Papua New Guinea. Photo Credit:  Victoria Beckham Instagram 


David Beckham with the people of Nepal in his "7 Games in 7 Continent"' journey.
Photo: Victoria Beckham Instagram
At Glacé, kindness is sexy and for this (regardless of his obvious good looks), we salute David Beckham, World's Sexiest Man Alive..  and deservedly so!
 Are you as curious  as we are to see who else made the sexiest list and also see more photos of Beckham from the shoot? 

 Sexiest Man Alive – issue of PEOPLE, will be on newsstands Friday. 




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