For the fireside chat segment at the Glazia Persons of the Year Summit, Osayi Alile and Charles O’Tudor sit with Glazia Editor-in-Chief, Omawumi Ogbe to discuss power and how it affects our lives and career. It’s a New Year, a clean slate and a time to hope for better regardless of how good or bad the previous year was. The question at this time almost always surrounds how one can acheive more, get that promotion, take that big step, make that power move etc. Here are some highlights from this insightful chat, full video coming soon to Glazia TV 

Fireside Chat

“2018, we must ask for advice… You can’t work in isolation in the journey of life” – Osayi Alile 

Osayi Alile, Omawumi Ogbe and Charles O’Tudor

Topic: Stepping on The Power Track

  • Osayi Alile – CEO, ACT Foundation 
  • Charles O’Tudor  – Principal Consultant of ADSTRAT Branding Management Consortium.

Omawumi Ogbe (Editor-in-Chief, Glazia) – Fireside Chat Host

On Relationship With Power

Ogbe : What does power mean to you?

Alile : Power is about influence. I never see it as a personal thing. When you have privilege, you must always think about helping other people. You are powerful when you are truly able to help people.

O’Tudor : Power is a catalyst; it’s an enabler. It grants you access to resources you would otherwise not have access to

Osayi Alile

Ogbe : Why do you think many women have sort of a hide-and-seek relationship with power and leadership?

Alile: We must be brave to try. This year 2018, we have to be braver. We can’t be mediocre. We have to take charge of our lives

O’Tudor: I feel that women can do so much more than they are doing now. Every man or woman must create their DNA. Understand your core!

“Stop sitting on the sidewalk, get on the power track” – Omawumi Ogbe

On Career, Promotion and Self Improvement as a means to Getting on The Power Track

Ogbe: What do you have to say to those who are putting their noses to the grindstone but keep getting overlooked for promotions? What can they do to remedy that?

Alile: We come thinking we know everything but we don’t. It’s good to ask questions and ask for advice, we need people to guide us aright

O’Tudor: If you are working well, the system knows. You can’t ask for a raise when you are not performing

“If you want to create the impossible, you can’t do that following what others are doing , you must follow your own path” – Charles O’Tudor 


Key Tips For Stepping and Staying on The Power Track 

Osayi Alile

  • Be more strategic about the relationships you have, be more intentional
  • Don’t stray from your path because your journey is different from another person’s. Once you start trying to be like someone else you may end up falling from the power track

Charles O’Tudor

  • Once you discover what you are supposed to be doing; stay on your path. Your journey is about you!
  • Be deliberate. Nothing fantastic happens by accident.
  • Once you are going forward don’t look at your past history. Keep innovating
“Moving on from where you are and taking a bold leap could be another way to step on that power track” – Omawumi Ogbe


Overheard – Success is for the doers not just the thinkers! It is not enough to think

Photos by Damell Photography


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