Having trouble organizing your closet? Do you find that singular thought alone dreadful? Even with a free weekend, does your closet look horrendous? Not to worry, we would take through each step to turning your closet from hideous to immaculate.

Really? How could you let it get this bad?
First of all, clean up!

Take out all of your clothing items from the closet and behold the dirt and sand that have accumulated there over time. Dust the insides especially edges and corners as dirt accumulates well in these areas. Endeavour to checks for cobwebs and other insect debris that may be have clung in places you least expect.

Fresh Look

You could repaint your closet to white or your favourite colour to make it look livelier. In place of paint, wallpapers would also be a great idea but make sure they are plain so that the visuals don’t seem overbearing once you’ve stored your items in the closet. You can take the extra step and cover the flooring with carpet or rug.


Items that you no longer need or haven’t used between 6 months and a year should be let go of and donated to charity. Give space for the new clothes, jewelry, etc. you look forward to having. Give room for space in your closet.

Segregate Items

After decluttering, separate the items you are left with according to their types; jackets, shoes, shirts, gowns, under wears, shoes, etc.


Install dividers to create sections in your closet. With these, you can store your clothes according to their types. It helps your closet appear orderly and makes it easy for you to locate your clothes.


Coats, overall, jackets and long clothes should be hung in the section with the longest space. Careful to not hang wools though, as this will cause it to lose its elasticity and slack.

Stack your shoes

Keep your shoes neatly stacked according to their height or how frequently they are used. For instance, if you wear sneakers or flats more often than heels – keep the sneakers and flats in the most accessible spots of the stacking.

Other Accessories

Hang your necklaces and other long jewelries to prevent them from tangling; others should be safely tucked away in a jewelry box. Under wears should not be kept with any other clothes. Bags can be hung or kept in a separate section.


Some clothes would have to be folded especially the ones too heavy for hangers or things like blanket, bedspread, etc. You can fold and keep them according to their types.


What’s a closet without a mirror? Place yours preferably on the door of the closet or facing the entrance (for a walk-in closet). This grand gesture saves you the stress of wondering how good you look after dressing up. Psychologist say that cleaning out your closet helps to destress. It literally feels like a heavy burden being lifted off you. Isn’t that how we should feel on weekends?

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