The Life Coaches Association of Nigeria have officially come out to offer their support for the Chibok girls. To this end, they have made a video (WATCH BELOW)  declaring their intention to provide pro-bono Psychological, Emotional and Coaching services for the girls when they come out. They went on to say that they are ready to offer help to the girls who previously got out and are willing to help the immediate families of the victims as well.

The fore-runner of the LCAN, Lanre Olusola of the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy stated that even though the girls are not out yet, they believe and hope that they will be returned safely so they are positioning  to be ready to assist when they come out.

They are also calling on the Federal Government of Nigeria, The Borno State Government and all well meaning Nigerians to provide support for these girls in whatever ways they can.Most importantly, they seek that the girls be brought back Physically and Emotionally as soon as possible.

Watch Video: 

NOTE: It is been  over  two months since the 200+ girls were kidnapped from the Chibok Girls’s School, Borno Nigeria.

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