Bad Press? yes! Public Relations trouble? yes! Troubled star? BIG Yes! Money trouble? NO!
Forbes released their list of highest earning celebrities under 30 and the Canadian singer came tops.

Justin Bieber has had nothing short of a troubled year, from getting arrested to egging his neighbour’s house and so many other shenanigans too numerous to mention, let us not forget his topsy-turvy relationship with singer, Selena Gomez.

Justin Bieber Arrest: Who can forget the famous Bieber smiley-mugshot?

The chief Belieber is however, not having financial trouble. According to Forbes, the Biebs
tops the list of the Highest-Earning Celebrities Under 30 with an estimated $80 million over the 12-month span that was evaluated, mostly thanks to the tail end of his world tour. With a new album reportedly in the works, the 20-year-old star probably has a chance to override his bad PR with some good music and consequently,more money.

The estimates for the list, according to Forbes, are based on entertainment-related income and they do not deduct taxes, management fees or the other costs of being a celebrity.

See the top 5 Forbes’ Highest Earning celebrities Under 30: 
1. Justin Bieber –  $80Million
2. One Direction – $75Million
3. Taylor Swift  –   $64Million
4.Bruno Mars –      $60 Million
5. Rihanna –           $48Million

Quick question: did you know Bruno Mars was making that much money? silent killer 

For more information and to view the complete list, visit FORBES

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