The American Music Awards (AMAs) were held last night ranging from boring performances to showstoppers like Sam Smith, Mary J. Blige, JLo and the girl of the moment, Taylor Swift. But who cares about the musi right now? let’s talk fashion!!

we have rounded up our favorite looks from the night in no particular order and we think this is THE list of all lists!

Whoa Fergie Fegs! Too hot momma, look that bod!

Heidi Klum is so fresh in Versace

Can’t remember a red carpet where JLo wasn’t on the best dressed list. Nobody does it better than the booty queen

Jordin Sparks: Jason Derulo must be weeping right now.

Kate Beckinsale: The actress is so glamorous and kinda stole the spotlight from the musicians

Kendall Jenner: If we ever doubted the newly announced face of Estee Lauder was a real model, this look did us in.
Miss America, Kira Kazantsev looked fabulous in blue

The Queen of R&B, Mary J. Blige not only rocked the stage at the AMAs, she rocked the red carpet in black.
Selena Gomez, in this look brings three words to mind: Grown, Classy, Sexy
Rita Ora: Although the hair looked a bit too severe for her face, this is one of the few times the singer is not wearing some overly done make-up. she looks fabulous in yellow, we like we like.

Nick Jonas: He looked too good and yummy we couldn’t pass him up, had to put him on the ladies list!

There you have it, who is your ultimate favorite on the list? who do you think we passed up but should have been here?

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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