It’s the first day of the love month! So, Happy New Month! we are excited about February! Are you?

Even more, last month has been one of the fastest January so far or don’t you agree? we are about to present you with some shocking food facts. In case you missed the food secrets we revealed last week, quickly catch up here.

Buckle up, cause you’re about to learn ten new things about certain foods, you didn’t know! shall we?

  1. Cucumbers have the highest water content than other fruits.
Food Facts

It contains 96% of water which is more than watermelon which contain 92%.

  1. We have another honey fact this week. Just like alcohol, honey never goes bad.
Food facts

It has a shelf life of over 3000 years. can you believe that?

  1. Dried ants are an alternative movie snack

In Columbia, these can be served as substitute for popcorn at the movies. Would you eat insects at the movie?

  1. Bananas can lighten your mood
Food Facts
Banana (c) Getty Images

Research has shown that the fruit contains significant levels of tryptophan, which changes over into serotonin; a chemical in the brain that influences mood and behavior.

  1. Pepper is not really hot.
Food Facts

The thing is, Pepper contains a compound called Capsaicin. This compound, bonds with certain tangible neurons thereby deceiving your body into imagining that it is being burned.

  1. Peaches on the moon
Food Facts
Canned peaches

While you haven’t made it to the moon yet, it is on record that the first fruit to be eaten on the moon were Canned peaches. Yum!

  1. Home-made Repellent
Food Facts

Garlic can serve as a home made insecticide as they repel insects. This also includes the dreaded mosquitoes for up to a month!

  1. Breast Milk is the perfect balanced diet

Breast milk serve as food for kids from 0 – 3 yrs old, in case you are wondering why it is on the list. It contains all the nutrients that a human needs. This is why exclusive breastfeeding is encouraged for newborns.

9. Apples and Plums belong to the Rose family.

It will interest you to know that Apples and plums are siblings to almond, peaches, pears, cherries and others.

10. Egg shells are edible

Food Facts
Egg shells

Just incase you are still contemplating, experts have discovered that a single eggshell contains 2.2grams of calcium which is more than double of what the average adult needs. So, next time you see egg shells, crush them, cook and munch them up!

Have a lovely weekend!

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