It is exactly one week to the end of the first month this year. Are you ready for February?

On the verge of having a chilled and laid-back Saturday? We are letting you in on incredible secrets about certain foods that will help you maximize your relaxation and keep you informed!

Sit back relax and wonder…

  1. Honey and Milk are the only animal sources of carbohydrate

Did you know?

Food Fact
Honey and Milk

Most carbohydrate sources are plant based especially grains. Isn’t that amazing

  1. Peanuts are legumes, not nuts
Food facts
Chopped peanuts (c) Getty Images

Legumes are foods that grow in pods. They are a high sources of protein. Peanuts fit perfectly into this food category.

  1. Eggplant is not a vegetable

A berry is a plump natural product delivered from a single ovary. Eggplant is a berry

4.. Avocado is a fruit but in the berry category?

Food fact

Another shocker, just like eggplants, Avocado is also a berry. Can you believe it?

  1. White chocolate is not really chocolate
Food fact
White Chocolate

Apparently, white chocolate has no atom of cocoa in it. It is a blended mixture of milk, sugar, vanilla, cocoa butter and lecithin.

  1. Bottled water does not expire

The expiry date on bottled water is for the container which is made of plastic. Water does not expire.

  1. French fries is not French!
Food facts
“French Fries”

They were created in Belgium where they were first fried in thin stripes. Who would have thought?

  1. Pineapple originates from the Spanish word “piña” meaning pine

Early explorers thought pineapple looked like pine cones, hence, the prefix in it’s name. so its just apples with pines..

  1. Everyone has eaten an insect sometime in their life

A lot of foods contain insect fragments. Try as you may, a bug is hiding somewhere or traces of its are inside the food you eat.

  1. Stale bread can be revived. How?
Food fact
Rejuvenated Bread

By overheating it at 149-163 degrees Celsius for six to seven minutes. Just like that, your bread becomes as good as new.

Tell us some of the fun food facts you know in the comments.


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