I just went to poop and a baby came out

In a TikTok video, a lady used a viral sound to share her birth story. She claimed she was nineteen years old when it happened and was having sexual relations with one partner. As she explained, it was a normal day and she was going about her business when suddenly, she felt a sharp pain. Thinking it was a stomach upset, she rushed to the toilet to poop. However, to her utter surprise, a baby popped out.

Why or more importantly, how is it that she had no prior knowledge of being pregnant.  In fact, she claimed the only pregnancy symptom she had was nausea which she disregarded because she was on a certain medicine and nausea was its side effect.

Surprised and nervous, this nineteen year old was forced to explain to her mum how a baby popped out without even their own prior knowledge of a pregnancy.

As you must have guessed, the comments under her video were all questions demanding an answer to “how?” But, some comments corroborated her story with stories of theirs and that of their relatives’ or friends’.

Another case is that of a lady on Twitter who claimed to have severe pains and thereby went to see a doctor. To her surprise, however, she was told she was in labour. How is this possible? How can one be pregnant without knowing?

Cryptic Pregnancy

Cryptic pregnancy is a medical term for pregnancies which women have no idea of, until a few weeks to birth, labour or even birth itself. Put simply, these women do not feel symptoms of pregnancy including morning sicknesses.

In fact, they do not also feel baby kicks, largely because the foetus is positioned in a different place such as in front of the uterus.

A documentary series titled I didn’t know I was pregnant is dedicated to cryptic pregnancies. It features the stories of women who had no idea they were pregnant until a few weeks to birth, labour or even birth itself.

The women when sharing their stories, commonly had these reasons for not knowing they were pregnant :
  • Disregarding certain symptoms as mere illness or stress
  • Having a hundred percent trust in their birth control methods.
  • Not having any morning sickness or other symptoms such as cravings, weight gain, and so on
  • False pregnancy tests
  • Menopause or infertility
Cryptic Pregnancy

Usually, many pregnancy tests do not reveal cryptic pregnancies and this places mothers at risk because the child loses the chance to access pre-natal care. There are no pronounced symptoms for cryptic pregnancies. However, there are certain symptoms such as; intermittent bleeding disregarded as menstruation. The only way for a sexually active woman to avoid this situation is by; having ultrasound scans when you feel slight pregnancy symptoms. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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