The photos you are about to see (that is if you haven’t seen them already) will probably be the most awkward photos of the Obamas and the Danish Prime Minister, Helle Thorning -Schimdt. these all took place during the Nelson Mandela memorial held in South Africa earlier today. so hilarious look:

British PM, David Cameron, Danish PM Helle, US President Obama smiling and taking a Selfie. Michelle is not about that life 

“Really Barack, we come to a funeral and you’re taking Selfies and joking about? seriously? let’s get to Air Force One, you gon get it today!” Michelle aint joking around.. LOL

Look closely at the sequence of the photos.. huh oh, someone changed seats and was acting like nothing happened.  See the Danish PM minding her business, probably chatting with a friend or Instagramming their selfie… Hahahhaha. 

Although it’s somewhat inappropriate considering the magnitude and sombreness of the event, we think it’s pretty cool to see these world leaders behave like the rest of us. For what it’s worth, it’s a ridiculously hilarious sequence.. cant stop laughing.

Now there’s a smile

Kudos to the ever watching photographers…

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