You know that saying “pouring water in an ocean”? that’s the feeling most people would get when they see the way designers gift these stars their products. If you look at it from the marketing point of view, you’d see that it’s really is a win-win situation for both designer and celeb especially if the celebrity in question is very influential.
 When it comes to fashion, who is the best artiste to give designer freebies if not Rihanna? Aside from her humongous social media following, this star has a major fashion influence across the globe. Everybody wants to style their hair like Rihanna, dress like Rihanna and even take photos like her.
Anyways, the star occasionally shares photos of these fab designer gifts on her Instagram page, these photos just make you want to be Rihanna so bad. Some of the gifts are very recent (Christmas came early for our girl) whilst some are not so recent but they will all make you green with envy!

From Top to Bottom: Customised Tees 2. McQueen 3. Stella McCartney 4. Versace 5. Prada 6. Stella McCartney 7. Tom Ford 8. Stella McCartney 9. Chanel 10. Givenchy 11. Manolo Blahnik 12. Charlie (love those shoes by the way)by Matthew Zink  13. Givenchy (Ricardo Tisci)

Hey Riri, can we come raid your closet please?

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram/Bagirlriri
Photo contributor: Tuokpe Idundun 

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