Grammy award winning artiste Ashanti, has been very vocal and fierce about ownership advocacy. The singer wants artistes to have the rights to own their intellectual property and she has gone ahead to do something about it. Ashanti’s latest chapters of her career have demonstrated the importance of ownership, and with this; she is evolving into the Tech world. Her latest announcement falls in line with her game plan, as she becomes the first Black female artist to co-found a Web3 company.  

Ashanti/EQ Exchange

The multi platinum singer is partnering with EQ Exchange, a woman-owned company that; has a primary objective to ensure artists have ownership over their intellectual property and connect more directly with their target audiences. EQ Exchange sits at the intersection of technology and music and empowers established and emerging artists to share their creativity on a global scale through non-fungible tokens.

What is a Web3 company?

A Web3 company is essentially the next level of the internet; where users have the chance to become shareholders of decentralized data.

In a Twitter post, EQ Exchange excitedly welcomed Ashanti to the fold. 

Ashanti also made her announcement on Instagram to express her excitement for the partnership. Her post reads

“I’m so ecstatic to be the First Black female Artist to be a partner and co-owner of such an Amazing Web3 tech company as EQ Exchange. Focusing on music and NFT’s, EQ is built on CELO, the world’s first carbon negative blockchain. Not only does CELO use the more efficient Proof of Stake (POS) consensus mechanism, but; they take things a step further and invest in worldwide programs to save the rainforest. We’re focused on a mutual exchange of gifts… Love to and from my fans! I’m so Happy my Amazing Partner Janice Taylor started this company as the first Women CEO/Founder in this very male dominated world and has chosen me to continue the journey & narrative of Women’s Empowerment.”


Last year, Ashanti revealed that she was in the process of recording her self-titled debut album, which turns twenty this year. The reason for re-recording the album is so she can gain complete control and ownership over the body of work.

Ashanti and EQ Exchange also have a focus to bring a more personal experience to her fans, that involves music and gifts.

We are so proud of successful black women doing great things and breaking biases. 

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