Abi Longe could be said to be the woman that had it all. From graduating from the London School of Business to rising to senior management level in an audit firm on the track of partnership, being married to the man of her dreams and having the perfect family, and then the unexpected happened; a divorce that blindsided her. It hit her so badly, she actually hit rock bottom and stayed there.

She realized there was no one to help set her back on her feet. No community, no sisterhood, nothing; she had to do it all alone. Gladly, she came through on the brighter side having battled by her lonesome, but then, in that moment of strength, she decided that no woman should ever have to go through something like this alone.

Watch Abi Longe tell her powerful story.

The Worthy Woman Club

This profound decision birthed The Worthy Woman Club – a membership community dedicated to helping women chart their path to spiritual, emotional, and financial freedom – and in just one year of operation, the club is one of the fastest-growing movements.

Abi Longe, The Worthy Woman Club

On Sunday the 19th of September, The Worthy Woman Club will celebrate its one-year anniversary with a global virtual party, and you are invited! According to the organizers, it will be a time of celebration, insightful conversations, and recognition awards as it welcomes new members, returning members, and other women from around the world. RSVP to attend the event for free HERE

“We want to introduce the club to a far greater number of women and make them see the possibilities of what can happen in their lives and careers when they are intentional and start their journey. We will also showcase the stories of women who have monetized their diverse superpowers and launch our Monetize Your Superpower Coaching Programme” said Abi Longe.

Attendees will also get a chance to learn about managing their personal finances, how to thrive in a difficult economy, and how to be financially independent. All these come alongside a FREE digital swag bag worth over $100 that will be made available to all participants who register and attend the anniversary party.

The digital swag bag comes fully loaded with a dream life roadmap template, a budget template, a net worth template, a sample e-copy of the productivity plus planner, the worthy woman roadmap template, and access to a Worthy Woman Club masterclass recording. 

Event Details:

Date : Sunday, 19th September 2021.

Time : 6.00pm BST/WAT

Venue: Online 

For more information or inquiries, visit The Worthy Woman Club

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