Communication and relationships are a really vital part of human existence, and it is imperative that we do it right. So, if you’re meeting a woman for the first time, or if you’re trying to get to know her, regardless of your gender, there are certain inquiries that you should avoid. 

Here are 5 areas you do not need to quiz a woman on because they can cause her to feel pressured, succumb to low self-esteem, and feel utterly depressed or insulted.


This is one of the most unspoken known facts. You do not ask a woman for her age, unless you are her doctor or it’s of great importance. What do you need it for anyway? Women find it rather uncomfortable to be directly asked their age, the reasons are still far fetched, ranging from societal expectations to her physique matching her age.

5 Questions You Should Not Ask a Woman

A woman never wants to feel old which is exactly what her age reminds her of. If a woman wants you to know her real age, she will tell you upfront without you asking.

Marital Steps

It’s no news that once a woman is in her early 20s both direct and indirect remarks about her marital status are being made. This has caused so many women around the world to revolve their life plans around marriage, and it has sent many into desperation and tears.

5 Questions You Should Not Ask a Woman

The older she gets, the more pressing the remarks get. “When are you getting married?” “When will you have a boyfriend?” “Why are you not married?” and many more questions related to this. We need to stop directly or indirectly questioning a woman’s marital status whether single, married, divorced or widowed – it is pressuring her both mentally and emotionally.

Child Bearing Plans

The pressure on newlyweds is real. Many have often spoken up when celebrating the birth of their first child. Sadly, the woman feels the pressure more because she is to bear the child. “When are you having a baby?”, “When is our baby coming”, “You don born?” or the silent questioning by staring at her belly to inspect for protrusion.

5 Questions You Should Not Ask a Woman

These questions have caused married couples to “go through hell”, the worst being that they are from family members. Even after the first or second or even third child, people still quiz some women when they are having the next!

“Body Count”

A woman’s sexual lifestyle is none of your business. The topic of body count is a rather immature focus especially if you are not already intimate with the lady, and even if you are, it still does not make the question appropriate, unless she’s sharing that info on her own.

5 Questions You Should Not Ask a Woman

It is understandable that as the lady’s partner you may want to take precautionary measures to prevent STIs, but it still doesn’t validate the question. Run your tests to ensure you’re both safe and compatible, and move on from there. Anything aside from that, it is irrelevant to know her body count – what about yours?

Virginity Status

Girls have been haunted with “The Virginity Test” for centuries. Many virgins engage in either oral or anal sex for fear of being rebuked or castaway should they lose their virginity.

5 Questions You Should Not Ask a Woman

A woman’s virginity status is absolutely none of your concern if you are not her doctor, sexual partner or won’t treat with respect irrespective of her status. It does not make her less or more of a woman. Virgin or not, she is a woman.

Like it or not, society is made up of you and I. When you are calling out the wrongs of society, check your actions and words how they may have directly or indirectly pressured or influenced anyone (not just women) negatively.

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