Having low productivity in the workplace is not something uncommon. Research shows that employees are only 60% as productive in their workplaces as they could be. 

So, why is this happening? Keep reading and find out 6 reasons why your employees may suffer from low productivity levels in the workplace

Lack of Flexibility
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

Too many workers get up early in the morning, fight traffic into work, try to fit in appointments on their lunch breaks, get stuck staying after hours because a meeting ran long, and then fight traffic again on the way home. Mandatory office hours would undermine productivity for certain. The point is today’s workers crave flexibility, and they’re not getting it. 

Uncomfortable Working Environment 
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

It might also be that the physical working space you’re giving them isn’t fit for purpose, and is out of step with their needs and preferences. The digital tools you choose to invest in and make available also have a huge part to play in helping employees maximize their productivity. Switching to collaboration apps such as Slack, or even switching your on-premise HR software for a cloud-based HR system that’s available anytime might just do the trick. 

Absence of Recognitions and Rewards
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

Recognition and reward don’t have to come in the form of costly pay rises, bonuses, or annual prizes, although those are recommended. Simply saying ‘thanks’ at the right time, and publicly, can go a long way to making employees feel valued, engaged and therefore motivated to be more productive.

No buy-in to organizational values or purpose
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

To get workers truly engaged with their roles – and therefore working as productively as possible – you need them to buy-in to your organisation’s values and purpose. And that’s only possible when you’ve defined and clearly articulated your vision and mission to them. 

Dampened Health and Wellness 
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

It makes sense that healthier, happier people are more productive than people who are disengaged or unhealthy. But it can be tough to quantify the impact of health and wellness on productivity. So health insurance and mental support for staff easily contributes to productivity.

Lack of Salary Increase. 
6 Ways You're Making Your Employees Unproductive

This is one of those things most employers never want to hear; salary increase. However, the truth of the matter is that increasing staff salaries is a very good productivity booster. Everyone loves money! This goes a long way to show that the staff are appreciated for building your brand. Keeping staff remuneration plateaued for too long can and will definitely dampen their zeal to work and that would inadvertently adversely affect their productivity. Not forgetting the significantly reduced buying power and high inflation rates. 

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