For starters, sex isn’t meant to be painful. Among other things that sex is meant for, pleasure tops the list. As a heterosexual, thrusts make it a fluid process and for some, lead to orgasm. The concept of sex however is broad. There are various ways to enjoy a sexual experience without having the “real sex”. For instance, foreplay and clitoris stimulation make some women orgasm. That is, they do not even need the penetration of the penis to reach an orgasm. However, whichever way works for a woman, pain sometimes swoops in to ruin the experience. Why do some women feel pain while or after having sex? Is it normal? 

Here are six possible reasons why you feel pain during sex.

It’s your first time.

From the way movies portray virgins during sex, one would assume it is  a smooth process. A little bit of foreplay and boom! The penis is inserted. The woman feels no pain at all, instead she’s smiling and talking to her friends a few minutes later. That’s a far cry from reality.

In reality, no matter the lube or foreplay, be prepared to feel pain. It could be little or a lot, but pain is almost inevitable.

sex and pain
You’re not wet enough

One of the reasons females have bruises during sex is because they weren’t wet enough at the time of the incident. Being wet is required for smooth thrusts. If you feel pain, it’s probably because you are not wet enough. However, do not feel bad about it and do not permit anyone to shame you for not being ‘wet enough’. It happens. You may be turned on but not wet. Feel free to use lubes for a better experience.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

Sexually transmitted infections like bacterial vaginosis can create an imbalance in your vagina PH, hence, causing a rough sexual experience for you. Others like gonorrhea, and yeast infections could cause pain during sex. 

If you are wet enough but still feel pains while having sex, you should see your doctor.

The size of the penis
sex and pain

As surprising as this may appear, big penises do cause soreness. Although the praises go to them online and even many men go as far as enlarging theirs, when a penis is too large, it could cause dryness and pain. There are however some women who know their ways around a huge penis. If you aren’t one of them, that soreness you feel may be due to the penis size.

His finger

Fingering is one of the way to squirt and get turned on for sex but it could also cause pains. For instance, if his fingernails are too long, they could hurt you while he’s thrusting in and out. Also, if his finger keeps applying pressure in the wrong places, that could hurt as well. If you feel pain during Fingering, communicate your feelings to your partner.

Wrong choice of condoms

Condoms are an effective way to protect oneself against sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies. However, they could also cause pains during sex when not used properly.

sex and pain

First, always opt for a good brand. Some condoms aren’t well lubricated, hence they cause pain due to friction. Also, be lubricated properly before and even during sex. Sometimes, you could decide to go on several rounds but your body may betray you by not being wet. So use lubes instead. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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