The thought of working from home should be preceded with comfortable workspace ideas. Some like the comfort of working from home while others prefer going to the office and working in-house with a team. But some situations warrant working from home such as:

  • Covid-19—

No one saw the lockdown coming, especially not to the extent of everyone working from home for almost two years. But it happened and the world only had to adjust. 

  • The Company Policy

For some companies, all employees work from home. There is either only one physical office or none at all. Also, it could be a hybrid situation. That is, employees are expected to come in on some days and work from home on others. 

  • Freelancing

Freelancers are given the liberty to work from home because in most cases, they are not full-time employees; and as such, can control their own time and delivery from the comfort of their homes. 

workspace ideas
  • Distance

This is especially relatable to many Nigerians who work for companies abroad. Automatically, you work from home because you can’t commute overseas daily. 

  • Entrepreneurship 

Not only employed jobs require you to work from home. Your business often requires it too. So if you run a business online with no physical presence, you also automatically work from home. 

Working remotely has its perks but also comes with barriers as well. Some of its challenges include back pain from sitting for too long, and no closing time if you’re a freelancer, among others. But the worse of them is not having a workspace/workstation. 

Often, you may think it’s unnecessary to have a workspace because you work from home; but the sooner you realize having a space where you can immerse yourself in work mode is good, the better your work rate. That mentioned, to have a workspace, you would require some ideas. 

Below are five workspace Ideas for you. 

The conventional type.

This is the most common. Here you have your straight table, a chair of any kind, preferably one you can afford, your laptop or desktop, a keyboard, a mousepad, some books, and if you’re a plant lover, a vase. 

workspace ideas

It’s suitable for writing jobs, and perhaps an online business as well. 

The Curved Table Type.

This type has a curved table and it is used to house more than a computer. So if you have a desktop, laptop or iPad, you should get this type. That way, there is more space for them. 

workspace ideas

Also, curved tables allow for more visibility and flexibility. So you can display your work on a desktop while you work and easily move around to edit or make some changes on another desktop. 

It is suitable for tech-related jobs such as software development and design. 

The Drawers Type.

The drawers type of workspace requires several drawers attached to the table. A chair and work equipment are also available but the drawers are the main features of this type. 

workspace ideas

It is suitable for product photography, video and photo editing and online businesses, as the primary purpose of the drawers is to keep items you may need while working. Remember, it’s your workspace, so you have to be in work mode. 

The adjustable/Foldable Type

This is for you if you like to stretch and change positions while working. Imagine folding your desk and moving it to an entirely different area or changing its position to meet up with yours. Other workspaces aren’t flexible like this type. 

workspace ideas

We recommend it to freelancers, influencers and social media personalities. 

The Lap Type

If you do not like leaving your bed all day, this is a suitable workspace for you. Shaped like a breakfast-in-bed table style, this desk allows you to sit in bed all day and work conveniently.

workspace ideas

All you have to do is prop a pillow behind you, place your laptop on it and work. Unfortunately, it cannot encompass as many desktops as the curved table or the conventional type but you could insert drawers in it if you’d need items while working. 

This article was written by Sola Tales

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