The stress of finding the right tool to carry out a task cannot be overstated. Say you need a file to be corrected or an image to look perfect but you neither have the expertise nor the tool to carry it out; so you visit Google hoping to get some help, but only sites with the best SEO and promotions are popping up, that’s where these unpopular websites come to play.

Not only are these sites unwanted they are also not fulfilling their mission. For example, how did you feel when you learnt about remove.bg a site that removes the background of any image without the need to do any photoshop? Or when you learnt of OCR, the one that extracts texts from images. 

In this light, we have decided to make a list of five others you didn’t know existed. The interesting part is they are helpful to all, regardless of your field.

5 useful but unpopular websites you didn’t know existed

Tiny Wow

Tiny Wow does everything! It is full of tools that solve your everyday problem such as the conversion of files, merging of files, removal of background, splitting of files, upscaling of images, and generation of QR codes. 

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It also has tools for tracing links, making memes, downloading videos from any social media app, pixelating images, among others. Interestingly, the site is free to use and tools are added to it weekly.

My 90s TV!

Do you ever get nostalgic for shows in the 90s? Perhaps you miss certain comedy and soap operas? Well, look no further. My 90s TV got you covered.

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The site is a simulator which has all channels from the 90s across all genres such as comedy, drama, soap opera, news, specials, sports and more. It is designed in a TV style and you can easily change channels as you like. We suggest you visit on weekends and entertain yourself.

What Does The Internet Think

Sometimes, Twitter may be in disarray and Reddit may not give you the answers you need. For example, if you want to know the number of people who have negative reactions to a topic, it’s hard to track. That’s where ‘whatdoestheinternetthink.net’ come in.

It gives you a real answer by breaking down the reactions of people into negative, positive and indifferent. That way, you can easily understand if many people are on board with a topic or not. For example, the result above shows that 99.9% of people are indifferent to World War 3. We recommend it for your research, either for school, work or personal.

Does The Dog Die

Some people like to be warned before watching a sad scene in a movie or reading a book. Doesthedogdie.com does this job. If you like to get spoilers from a movie before watching or from a book before reading, then you should visit the site.

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It is a crowdsourced site for emotional spoilers in movies, TV, books and more. With about 90+ categories, you would find whatever spoiler you’re looking for. And since it’s a crowdsource, you can also contribute spoilers. 

Magic Eraser

Sites that remove backgrounds are awesome but sometimes, they either do not complete the task or they reduce the quality of the image. Magic Eraser however does a different job but gives you a better result.

unpopular websites

If you have an image that seems perfect but for an item or a speck, simply upload it on magiceraser.io and have it removed. That way, your image quality is intact and your task is complete. 

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