It’s time you learnt to pamper yourself rather than waiting for a significant other or loved one to do it for you. It is a way of showing yourself love. You do not have to wait for a grand scheme or accomplishment to do so.

If you are feeling sad, depressed, stressed or irritated, we hear that it does the trick. Have you ever tried pampering yourself?  here are five ways to spoil yourself silly.

1. Affirm Yourself

How to pamper yourself

If you do not compliment yourself – start right now as you are reading this. Remind yourself of your achievements, strengths, accomplishments and best features. Trust me, everyone has this. You know those good comments you give others? Be selfish, give it to yourself now.  Stop being so hard on yourself over a failed attempt and instead appreciate a random thing about you. This helps with self confidence and your happiness. 

2. Take a Long shower

How to pamper yourself

Studies show that taking a cool shower elevates mood. If you can, allow the water run from the crown of head to the soles of your feet. Don’t rush it. Take your time so that you’d feel much better. 

3. Dine like a Royal

How to pamper yourself

Don’t worry, this is easy. All you need is your favourite meal(s) – which could be home cooked or by delivery, your favourite drink or wine and an atmosphere setting to your taste. Play your favourite music in the background. Infact, re-watch the best movie you’ve ever seen while doing this. You’d enjoy this more alone, honestly. This is for you. 

4. Get yourself a gift

How to pamper yourself
Gift ideas for yourself

Well, this is not restricted to clothes and accessories. Whatever you are crazy about or have great interest in, go for it! It could be art, hair, gaming console, books, food or even a house. Go over the top with the pricing because you deserve it. If your pocket is tight then save up for it but still go for what you can afford that is of good quality.

5. Sleep

How to pamper yourself

As adults, sleep is now a luxury. We flee from it to work, worry or worse, spend time with gadgets. Well, pamper day includes you letting go of every single on the things mentioned and going to sleep. Just go, no negotiation. Switch off your phones, laptops, TV, whatever it is that keeps you sleepless. Sometimes, the reason why we can’t finish up that work is because we need sleep. So, let it go. 

These suggestions are easy so stop giving excuses as to why you can’t spoil yourself. Best tip – treat yourself like a baby with all the dotting, tender love, care and affection. Start now. 

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