After a weekend, have you ever asked yourself, “What did I really do over the weekend?” and then go pondering on how the weekend came and ended faster than the blink of an eye. Don’t beat yourself up about it, it happens to more people than you know. Luckily for you, here are three simple things you can do over the weekend to stay productive;

1. Plan Your Week

The weekend is a great time to reflect on how the past week has been and prepare for a better coming week. Planning your new week will help you stay organized keep you on track with any lingering or new projects.

This way, you can avoid procrastinating and not have a pile or unfinished works. Planning your week can be done, using digital calendars with reminders set about an hour or thirty minutes to the time of execution. Schedule diary is another option over digital calendars, if it is your preference.

2. Stay off Social Media

Whether or not your work is related to social media, spending too much time on social media can be mentally draining. Over the week, we’ve been exposed all sorts of media content which have directly or indirectly affected us and we’re not even aware of it. Use the weekend to stay off social media and focus on real happenings in your environment around you.

You’d realize how open your senses would become to your atmosphere once you spend time off social media. You’d have more time to plan your week, catch up with loved ones, pamper yourself or revive a long lost hobby. If you can’t resist staying off the apps, take the bold step to uninstall them from your phone.

3. Clean Your ‘Corner

The disoriented untidy wardrobes, unwashed dishes, ignored dusty spots – today is the day they get fixed! Psychology experts say cleaning your room reduces depression, elevates your mood and halo with creativity. Have you ever noticed that you feel better after cleaning your apartment?

There’s a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes with it. Besides, having a clean environment eradicates the spread of diseases and sicknesses. It makes your home more welcoming, and even tells a lot about you as a person. Cleaning your corner is probably one of the best things to do over the weekend and you can spice it up by listening to your favourite playlist.

Don’t while away your weekend and don’t overwork yourself either but with these three great ideas. You’d definitely feel like your weekend was well spent.

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