With grocery bills constantly on the rise, finding ways to save money on meals and feeding costs is now more critical than ever. If you live and earn in Nigeria, you will agree that, with the state of the Nigerian Naira and the dizzying inflation rate, we need all the financial hacks available on earth to thrive. The truth is that the current inflation and attendant increase in food costs is not unique to Nigeria.

Regardless of where you live today, the need to combat rising costs is crucial. Notwithstanding, there are many practical strategies to help you cut expenses without sacrificing the quality of meals for you or your family.

Let’s explore savvy tips to help stretch your food budget further without sacrificing your delicious and nutritious food.

5 Savvy Tips to Save Money on Meals

Plan Your Meals and Create a Grocery List

One of the most effective ways to save money on family meals is to plan ahead. Each week, take some time to plan your family’s meals and create a corresponding grocery list. This simple step can prevent impulse purchases and reduce food waste. By knowing exactly what you need, you’ll be less likely to buy items you won’t use, helping you stay on budget.

Opt for Shopping in Local/farmer’s Markets.

Brand loyalty can sometimes come at a premium. Consider choosing generic or store-brand products over name brands when grocery shopping. In many cases, the quality is comparable, but the price is notably lower. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much you can save by making this simple switch on various food items and pantry staples. 

If you reside in a place like Nigeria, use local markets or bush markets. Grocery mall shopping is way more expensive, let’s face facts. For example, going to the slaughterhouse or abattoir saves you a good amount of money than buying in kilos at the mart. Buying fresh tomatoes and peppers from the ‘aboki’ in the bush market is way cheaper than the packaged ones in the supermarket. The Holy Book says “Wisdom is profitable to direct” 

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