It was waiting time. The first night had come and gone… those who believed waited but it was appearing to be in vain. It’s important to keep hope alive; but that was not the attitude of those who awaited the outcome of the crucifixion.

One of the disciples, a member of the inner circle had made a declarative statement: “I’m going back to fishing…” Others joined in and followed. All hope seemed lost, the once rising star has stopped shining. The once prospecting venture is now on hold. The road which was once believed to lead to the next level is now but a cul de sac.

What do you do when you can’t see your way through? Where do you go when the ones you thought had the answers are the ones asking the questions? What do you do when the one that cared enough to put a smile on your face is the one causing you pain?

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God is a God of process and procedures, He will show you the end result but never the in-betweens. But if you can trust Him, He will see you through it all.  Your waiting periods are most times, trust-building mechanisms employed by God to build capacity for the blessings ahead. Wait for it… the vision is for an appointed time, it will speak and not tarry.
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Emmanuel Okoro, popularly known as Mr. Lift, is a speaker and an an upward mobility specialist who uses the instrumentality of words to shape and build a better future for  people, especially the youth. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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