It was a long road ahead, tedious, unnerving but necessary. It was a plan that was set in motion even before the foundation of the world and now the hour has come and He must face up to it. He beckoned on his friends, three of them, the most trusted, a few of his most inner circle with whom he shares intimate details of his life. He informed them the hour was close, please join me, pray but not just for me but the success of your involvement in the assignment of eternal value he tells them

He took several steps further in his life journey, bowed himself but all he could say was if it was possible let this cup pass over me but not my will but yours.  Because, it was for this that I was purposed from the beginning. He went but once again to his friends and found them asleep. This is for your good he must have thought when he found them asleep instead of praying. He prepared himself, knowing what was ahead.

For what were you purposed? For what are you prepared? What do you know about it? It is important, like Jesus showed us, that in spite of people’s responses and reactions to your purpose, you should not be deferred.  With a straight face, pursue your purpose painstakingly, go through the pain so that you can win.


Jesus went through the most gruesome pain you could imagine. But his pain brought him gain. Crucifixion was a path and not the destination.  But between the passing through and the destination, a lot of patience is required.

He went through the scrutiny of the high powers. He was adjudged guilty and now he must face the music. You do the crime, you do the time but with Jesus, this was where time stood on its head. “What crime did He commit? What do you do when you have to suffer for crimes you did not commit? What do you do when you have to pay for services that were not rendered?

He was sent to the whipping pole, lashed and had scars to show for it. But he endured the cross because of the joy that was set before him. Light affliction compared to the weight of the glory that awaited him. All of these we learnt with a benefit of hindsight. However, an immeasurable lesson we must put in front of us every time we are going through our own paths … Pain precedes gain. But all the while, He knew! All the while He knew!!

What you know in times of crisis is critical to your survival. What you know informs your attitude, shapes your behavior and initiates your actions. What are you going through right now? What do you know about it? How has it informed, shaped and negotiated your actions? There is more to it…find it out.

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Mr Lift

Emmanuel Okoro, popularly known as Mr. Lift, is a speaker and an an upward mobility specialist who uses the instrumentality of words to shape and build a better future for  people, especially the youth. Connect with him on Twitter and Instagram.

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