As great and lovely as childhood can be, we all have to grow up someday. This growing up, otherwise called adulthood, differs for everyone. While some become adults through age, others become adults due to circumstances. It should be noted that being a Nigerian adult requires a unique set of abilities.

Some examples of circumstances that could lead to an early exposure to adulthood are; death of guardians at an early age, poverty, family abandonment, unplanned pregnancy, among others. But what even is adulthood? What best explains the term?

Adulthood refers to a stage where an individual shoulders responsibilities such as finance, marriage, and voting. Legally, a child becomes an adult at age 18, though this may differ according to the country involved.

As a Nigerian, exposure to adulthood often comes early and this is largely due to the economic situation of the country. The more new generations sprout, the earlier their exposures to adulthood. For instance, Gen X in Nigeria could boast of a good education system during their time and how they often focused more on school at certain ages than on responsibilities. However, the reverse is the case for millenials and Gen Z. The economy has left little to nothing for them so they have to ‘face life’ early, shoulder several responsibilities, juggle school and work, and so on.

Nevertheless, you may be an adult without even knowing or thinking you are but you really aren’t. How do you know you’re a Nigerian adult? 

Here are three sure ways to find out if you’re a Nigerian adult.

Bills, Bills, Bills!

This is the number one sign that you are an adult in Nigeria. Infact, anywhere in the world. These bills heap whether you’re a billionaire’s child or not. 

Nigerian adult

First, they come in subtly through airtime and data. Then they gradually progress into upkeep and clothing. The rest is history. 

Secondly, responsibilities are heaped on your shoulders. As a Nigerian adult, whether you’re the first or last born, there’s always someone who depends on your money transfer. There are friends who are hooked somewhere and need your cash help, a younger sibling who wants to buy something new, and even your parents who are celebrating an anniversary or birthday. 

Thirdly, bills sneak in through parties.  Nigerians are always celebrating a party of some sort. If you find yourself buying asoebi every time and constantly transporting yourself to parties, you’re a Nigerian adult. 

Thereafter, you become a mathematician and at the end of each day, debit alerts increase more than credit alerts. 

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

When you were a child, decisions you had to make were buying a lollipop or speedy biscuit. But as an adult, it’s a different ball game. 

Nigerian adult

First, adulting is injected into your veins when you’re in a higher institution and have to pick a major and minor course. 

However, as you grow older, you are faced with more real-life decisions. Decisions such as; whom to marry, whether to keep a pregnancy or not, whether to quit a job or not, and so on. Although there may be people you could turn to for help and advice at intervals; real adulthood hits you when you realise no one could really make those decisions for you. 

Peace over violence 

Now, this is quite underrated but only true adults can relate. You are truly a Nigerian adult if all you want to do is go home and snuggle under a blanket. 

Nigerian adult

Whether you’re an extrovert or an ambivert, there comes a time when all you want is peace of mind, literally. You get rid of toxic people easily, you avoid everything that could cause you internal noise and all that matters are just your real friends and family. 

Article written by Sola Tales 

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