Everyone is usually super excited when the weekend rolls by. We are goofy and in high spirits. The not very exciting part is that the weekend fast evaporates. Before we’re plunged into the week days though, how about getting to know some facts about we weekend we all love so much? 

So, this weekend that you are hyped about, what exactly do you know about it? Prepare to update your knowledge as we reveal facts exclusive to Friday, Saturday and Sunday only.
  • Friday is named after the Old English Norse goddess “Freya” associated with Venus and fertility.
  • In Thailand, Friday is identified with the color blue.
  • The months that start with a Sunday usually has the 13th day as a Friday; Friday the 13th.
  • Many people are highly superstitious of Friday the 13th. Some even have a phobia for the date, this is known as paraskavedekatriaphobia
  • In Nepal, Saturday is the only weekly holiday and observed as the last day of the week
  • Saturday is named after Saturn; the Roman god of liberation, generation, agriculture and wealth
  • The Greek word for Sunday is “Kyrios” meaning “Lord”. It is referred to as ‘Lord’s Day’ in association with the resurrection of Jesus Christ
  • In New Zealand, Saturday is the only day that elections take place.
  • On 3 March 321, a decree was made by Roman Emperor Constantine I making Sunday a day of rest from work except those involved in the agricultural sector.
  • Most professional golf tournaments usually come to an end on a Sunday.

Which of the facts do you find incredible? For us, it is the fear of Friday the 13th and the fact that it is a 23-letter word.

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