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Badass could mean different things to different people so what does badass mean to you?

If you’ve answered this question, now let’s get into my head a bit.

You don’t have to own a power bike, wear the darkest shades, smile only when the mood is purple, and fight kung fu to be badass. I mean, You can do these if you want, but what you own  or wear will not make you badass.

To me, a real badass is driven by values such as discipline, resilience, courage, integrity, and selflessness, which pretty much disqualifies almost every self-proclaimed badass out here.

Alex Unusual tells it as it is….

Badass is a three square meal of “I am, I can and I will”

It is the act of making “I will defy all odds today” your “good morning” and actually doing it.

Badass isn’t written on anyone’s forehead. It’s a strength from within. One that you might have no idea you possess till you are faced with obstacles. For every new challenge you choose to face, a new layer of badass is uncovered.

It takes physical strength to do well in a gym, it takes strength and strategy to win a fight, and it takes mental strength, internal work, and your heart to become a badass.

Once you can think of a problem or challenge and you have one person in your mind that you can trust 100% to overcome that obstacle, then that person is a badass at it.

These badass humans weren’t born. They were made. Through the challenges they faced in life and those they set for themselves, they became icons.

Often, being badass at some things is mastered. When a strength is discovered by she who possesses it and it becomes a weapon for progress and success, in my world, it’s called “owning and mastering a layer of your badass”. 

It’s not always rosy being badass. Trust me, your badass will be tested. 

Who says badasses don’t drop the ball sometimes? They do, but never give up. A person’s badass energy is not on the same level every day.

Alex Unusual
Alex Unusual

There are so many layers of one’s badass. There are times when you almost give up on yourself or on something but you search your soul and call on your inner badass. This is not done with a microphone but with your heart and mind. These are times when you look in the mirror and say “They said I won’t do it, I know I have it in me, I know I can do this. I will do it not to prove them wrong but to prove myself right. I owe it to myself not to kill my badass”. 

At every point where the layer of badass you are wearing becomes too thin, peel it off, wear your new thick badass skin and shoes, go back to the drawing board, and find a way to solve that puzzle.

There are times when your strength isn’t understood by others or is perceived as a threat, and they try to subdue it. 

Sometimes, the traits that make you badass also make you a target of discrimination, and negative judgment. 

But this should always peel a new layer to reveal a higher level of your badass. Nobody can own your badass but you. 

It is badass to figure out how to make a unique mark on the world — and throw everything you’ve got into your mission.

The moral of this article is Perseverance – opening up to new experiences/challenges, turning deaf ears to everyone that says you can’t do it.  

Just a reminder, “You can fight through the interference”.

I wish you resilience, mental toughness, and an inner you with a strong will. Unleash your inner badass and be unapologetically about it! 

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About the writer

Alexandra Amuchechukwu Asogwa, popularly known as “Alex Unusual”, is a multi-brand influencer, a budding filmmaker, creative writer, model and content creator. She is the convener of Unusual Fest – an anti-bullying advocacy festival leveraging fun activities and training for children and adults. 

She grew to continental fame after participating in the 2018 Big Brother Naija reality Show, where she emerged third runner-up and was voted the most fun housemate.

Alex attended the prestigious New York Film Academy to hone her directorial and content-creating skills. She is the creator of the critically acclaimed short film, Nucleus

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