Ever since Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story dropped in May 2023, we haven’t been the same. And by we, we mean everyone single human who watched it. Beyond the captivating, tear-jerking storyline, impeccable acting and flamboyant costumes, movie lovers were also blessed with a string of new actors who are forever seared in our minds. One of such actors is Arsema Thomas .

Arsema Thomas

Born Arséma Angela Adeoluwayemi Hamera Thomas, the beautiful thespian who played the role of the young Lady Agatha Danbury in the Netflix period drama series Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story has fans of the Television show enthralled with every performance she delivered.

She is part Nigerian, part Ethiopian and part American who in addition to be a very talented actor can speak several languages including English, French, Spanish, Yoruba, Amharic, and the American Sign Language.

Although the Young Lady Danbury caught our attention with her acting skills, she has continued to impress you thoroughly in real life with her style, fashion sense and her highly Afrocentric hairstyles.

5 times Arsema Thomas has wowed us with her hairstyles.
Arsema Thomas
Cornrow Bantu Knots with Zuzu Hair crocheted in the back for volume
Arsema Thomas
Creative Up do with Zuzu Spring Twist Hair.
Arsema Thomas
Ivy Braids with frizzed balls on the ends and two Knotless plaits with beads from Africa.
Arsema Thomas
A natural afro ball look with two braids on the side & a silver chrome cowrie shell 
Arsema Thomas
Described by the hairstylist as ” an up do paying homage to our African roots.”

Hair stylist: Hair by Susy

Makeup Artist: Tenelle Veira

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