Although there are still travel restrictions due to the pandemic, many have been on the move for a while. Some travel bloggers have slowly returned to their jobs / hobbies while stranded persons have found alternatives to return back home.

December is due in few days’ time and the festive season is gradually rearing up with Christmas decorations already being set-up and folks planning the safest ways possible to travel for leisure, vacation or reconnect with loved ones. You’d of course, want to look good and have a face beat for every occasion but traveling with your entire make-up kit may be quite a chore. So, what do you do?

Get a Travel-size make up bag / kit

Travel Make up essentials

A travel size makeup bag is portable and easy to carry around. It has cute compartments to prevent makeup spillage on your clothes or other items you are traveling with.  A make-up travel kit on the other hand comes with both the make-up bag and travel-sized products that are smaller than the original product. The products in it may differ but best believe they are essentials. With this, you would only have to select a few of your personal makeup items to add to the kit. 

Travel with only essentials

Travel Make up essentials

Travel with only your staples. You can’t be traveling with your all 10 of your lipsticks or all 5 primers that you own. From a set, choose your favorites that you know you cannot do without such as that one lipstick that always makes you stand out or the primer that has seen you through thick and thin. If you are unsure of this, then travel with the ones you consider as the best amongst the others. Make sure to take just one (or two in the case of a lipstick) of each makeup brand / items.

Take a full-face palette along

Travel Make up essentials

A full-face palette will save you stress of deciding which palette to take along and/or which to leave. All you need is one single palette that will provide you which the full face you need for whatever occasion may arise.

Always have your SPF

Travel Make up essentials

This is important. In fact, do not go anywhere without your SPF. It protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that can cause skin damage, sun burn and uneven hyperpigmentation. Even if you choose to travel without makeup, we beseech you to not travel without your SPF.

Along with these, do not forget to include a sanitizer, wipes and your ever faithful brushes as well. Remember to travel safely!

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