I really hate the way people have come to trivialize a special day of reflection and love into a show of who gets more gifts, who is a side chick /main chick, who gets to have sex with whom, whose lover is cheap or expensive and all the other silly things they’ve turned Valentine into.

Valentine’s Day is about love, this love is way more than romantic relationships and majorly about the general God kind of love for one another… and just in case you are feeling like nobody loves you, call off that pity party and remind yourself of all the people who love you. Your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours and even Glacé!

 Don’t let anyone, TV advert or Radio jingle  tell you otherwise, you don’t need one day to decide if you are loved or not. Be the cupid in your own life and get that love going on!

Perhaps nobody has given you a gift today and it doesn’t seem like you would receive any, fret not. Why not be the gift? To rephrase late President John F. Kennedy: rather than think: “What will someone do for me?” think “what can I do to make someone happy?”

It could be a child, an old person or whoever…  Share love and show what Valentine truly is and together we can change the world one person at a time. Learn to walk more in love than anything else; if we all love one another, Valentine would be everyday and there will be no problems in the world. Perform random acts of kindness even to strangers all through today… Love is the only reality.
Just in case you were wondering, I could never hate Valentine’s Day but…

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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