Hey, we’re introducing “The Ultimate To-Do List” where we give our 2 cents advice/tips  on what you should do. Seeing as it’s Christmas, this one will be centred on the special holiday. Hope you like 🙂

DO: A Christmas cake.

 For the Martha Stewarts, why not do some cakes and cupcakes to increase the Christmas cheer? If you’re like me and can’t bake, you can learn too.
BUY: Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter,  Love in the Future, Gifts for Others

This season, skins get ashy. You want to buy a very good moisturiser and stay fresh.
Oh, whilst you’re buying that, buy the John Legend album( love in the future), it is golden.

Christmas is mostly about giving, be sure to buy gifts for others if you haven’t. Be the reason someone is  happy.

SELL: Fairly used clothings and stuffs 

It’s not too late to sell clothings and items in good condition to benefit the poor and less privileged. Victoria and David Beckham put up their clothings for sale for charity earlier.
DISCARD: Tight shoes

Those tight shoes are killing your feet throw them away… (note to self  *wink*)
KEEP: Skinny Jeans

keep your skinny jeans, they ain’t going nowhere! at least not yet.
GO: Drink with friends

Go for a drink with friends, have fun it’s Christmas! attend a Christmas party, remember to drink responsibly and be safe too.
SEE: Home Alone 

This is the ultimate Christmas movie. book a date with Kevin and have fun. It should be passed into law that everyone must see this movie on Christmas Eve. (yeah, we mean it!)

Have yourself a merry little Christmas….

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